Yoga Exercise Benefits Vs Aerobic Exercise

Yoga Exercise Benefits Vs Aerobic Exercise

Yoga and Aerobics are the natural form of exercise helps for weight loss effectively more faster than dieting ,morning walks and joining gym.Both the exercise techniques helps in loosing body fat,improved muscle tone and mental fortitude.How ever choosing which form of exercise depends on your fitness goals as each got its strengths and weakness.Here we bring out an easier way to choose with Yoga Vs Aerobics for weight loss to meet your set fitness goals.

Body fat loss

Fat loss occurs when more calories are spent than consumed.Aerobic exercise like running at 5 miles per hour burns 600 calories in one hour where as doing moderate intensity yoga for one hour burns only 350 calories in an hour.But nevertheless judgement can’t be made on calories burnt in an hour.Yoga helps to gain lean muscle mass that leads to slight improvement in basal metabolic rate.But when exercising 5 days a week an hour,running helps burn more 3 pounds than yoga over a 8 week period.Hence it proves aerobics has more chances for weight loss than yoga quickly.

Strength and endurance

Yoga helps in muscle strengthening and improves flexibility.Aerobics helps in improving endurance and doesn’t benefit much in strengthening.Researchers at Colorado State University published in a study that young adults who performed yoga 3 days a week for 8 weeks showed considerable improvement in their strength ,endurance and flexibility.Yoga is best to improve strength and flexibility.

Cardiovascular benefits

In terms of cardiovascular fitness aerobics outperforms yoga .Yoga helps in improving respiratory fitness but it doesn’t improve cardiovascular fitness.According to a study aerobics has more impact on cardiovascular system.It helps broaden the blood vessels for increased oxygen and nutrient delivery.More over it lowers bad LDL cholesterol while rising good HDL cholesterol,thus decreasing the chances of clogging the arteries.Aerobics enhances cardiovascular strength and its efficiency.Aerobic exercise is more beneficial and effective for cardiovascular fitness.

Mental outlook

Aerobics and yoga are excellent stress relievers.They both help release the endorphins in your brain which alleviates the mood and changes the mental out look.They help in reducing anxiety ,depression ,improves self esteem and cures even sleep problems.Both the exercise forms changes the mental outlook and improves mental health.

However the best work out plans combines both form of exercises to gain maximum benefits.The centre for disease control and prevention states that for optimal health both yoga and aerobics are essential.

Apart from exercise techniques what you eat also matters for weight loss.Food and nutrition play an important role in weight loss.So choose your diet rich in high fibre fruits, vegetables,nuts and protein rich food .include carbohydrates in main meal and dinner should be light.As you now aware of Yoga Vs Aerobics for weight loss

benefits make a choice according to your set realistic goals and enjoy the exercise.

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