Yoga for Weight Gain- 5 Asanas

Yoga for Weight Gain- 5 Asanas

Gaining healthy weight poses as much as problem as weight loss. Following a healthy and nutrient-dense diet along with regular exercise routine helps in putting on few kilos. Another best way to gain weight is Yoga. Try out Yoga for Weight Gain, as these asanas help build stamina, strength, improve flexibility, and rejuvenate and regenerate mind and body.

1. Corpse Pose

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No matter how long you practice, it’s always a good idea to end your session with Savasana (Corspe Pose) as it helps cool down the body and relaxes your mind.

  1.  Lie on your back on Mat with feet together
  2.  Rest your hands on your side with palms facing the body.
  3.  Close your eyes and focus by inhaling and exhaling deeply.
  4.  Relax your entire body and continue for 3-5 minutes.

2. Vajrasana or Diamond Pose

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Vajrasana pose also known as Diamond Pose or Pelvic Pose is base for many postures like Sudarshan Kriya Yoga, Bhastrika (pranayam) and Child Pose (Balasan). Vajrasana calms your mind, increases blood circulation, reduces obesity and keeps the blood sugar levels in control.

  1.  Sit on your mat with your legs folded.
  2.  Let your spine be straight
  3.  Keeping your eyes closed, place your right palm on your right knee and vice versa with your left palm
  4.  Stay in this position for few seconds while you inhale and exhale gently.
  5.  Practice vajrasana for 15 to 20 minutes after lunch or dinner.

3. Pawanmuktasana or wind-relieving pose

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Pawanmuktasana is the best way to gain weight fast naturally, as it helps improve appetite, rectify digestive problems.

  1.  Lie on your back placing your arms beside you.
  2.  Stretch your feet, keeping heels together.
  3.  Fold your knees slowly by clasping them with your hands
  4.  Pull your knees close to your chest while you inhale and exhale.
  5.  Lift your head and touch your chin to your knees while you inhale. Hold on for 40-60 seconds.
  6.  While you exhale, get back to start position. Do 3-4 reps of this daily.

4. Sarvangasana or shoulder stand

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If you’re trying Yoga for weight gain, practice Sarvangasana or shoulder stand which regulates thyroid function and metabolism.

  1.  Start by lying in prone position.
  2.  Lift your legs by inhaling until the legs are perpendicular to the ground.
  3.  Place your hands on waist and raise it and gently push your legs to an angle of 30 degrees, 90 degrees and 130 degrees.
  4.  Hold on for 40-60 seconds.
  5.  Come back to start position while you exhale.
  6.  Repeat them

5. Fish Pose or Matsyasana

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Fish Pose or Matsyasana can help gain weight fast naturally. Fish Pose will benefit your body in several ways and relax you in long run.

  1.  Lie down on your back with your knees bent and your feet flat on the floor.
  2.  Keep your hands straight and pointed on either side.
  3.  With your head touching the ground, raise your hips one side at a time, while doing so, keep your hands under each hip.
  4.  On an exhale, bend your elbows and push your upper body off the floor, while keeping your lower body stationary on ground.
  5.  Hold the Asana for five counts and inhale as you rest your back on the floor.

Apart from following Yoga for weight gain, follow healthy diet, good sleep routines and exercising to gain weight fast naturally.

*Results may vary from person to person and results are not guaranteed

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Disclaimer* results may vary from person to person