Yoga for Thyroid- 10 Yoga Poses for Thyroid Treatment

Yoga for Thyroid- 10 Yoga Poses for Thyroid Treatment

Thyroid a butterfly-shaped gland in the neck area releases hormones that regulate metabolism, and functioning of other organs of the body including brain activity. Symptoms of thyroid disease are often vague, but if you notice the signs, see a doctor to request a simple blood test to check hormone levels. Here’s Yoga for Thyroid– 10 Yoga Poses for Thyroid Treatment.

1. Sarvangasana (Shoulder stand pose)

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Shoulder Stand or Sarvangasana is the most recommended Yoga Asana, as it helps stimulate the thyroid gland to function properly and control thyroxin. Due to the pressure effect and its inverted condition, the effective yoga pose helps blood flow from legs to head region, such as pituitary and pineal glands, which also have an indirect control on the functioning of the thyroid gland, thereby curing thyroid..

2. Viparitakarani

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Inverted Pose or Viparitakarani is one of the effective yoga asanas for thyroid disorder, as it aids in balancing the functioning of thyroid and easing the complication caused by hypoactive thyroid. The meaning of Viparita is ‘reverse’ and Karni means ‘by which’, and the asana is calming and restorative. Don’t forget to breathe when performing Viparitakarani

3. Halasana (Plough pose)

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Hala means plough and the Yoga pose resembles Indian plough, which is usually performed after Sarvangasana for anywhere from 1 to 5 minutes. Halasana gives compression to the neck and stimulates the thyroid glands.

4. Matsyasana (Fish pose)

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Fish pose is incredibly balancing for body dysfunction as well as provide adequate stretching to the neck region and thus stimulating the thyroid gland. Matsyasana involves the back bend that opens chest, neck and shoulder muscles the final pose take the form of fish. It helps nourish the digestive tract and increase metabolism thus stimulation of the thyroid.

5. Ustrasana (Camel pose)

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Ustrasana or the Camel pose is one of the effective asanas for thyroid treatment. The asana aids in stimulating the Thyroid glands, and it is also recommended to improve conditions of the digestive, respiratory, endocrine, lymphatic, skeletal, and circulatory systems.

6. Surya Namaskar (Sun Salutations)

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The Surya Namaskars or the Sun Salutations are commonly practiced yoga asana sequences involving 8 yoga poses that show a positive effect on overall health. Regular practice of Surya Namaskars can alleviate thyroid problems to a great extent, according to Yoga gurus. However, we recommend you to check with your doctor before trying Yoga for Thyroid.

7. Pranayama


Yoga gurus refer Pranayama as yogic art or the science of breath control, since it improves your breath and resolves respiratory problems in several ways. The types of breathing exercises included in Pranayama include

• Nadi Suddhi or Anulom Vilom (Alternate Nostril Breathing)

• Kapalbhati (The Breath of Fire)

• Brahmari (The Bumblebee Breath)

• Ujjayi (The Victorious Breath)

For Thyroid related problems, Ujjayi or the Victorious Breath is often recommended since it clears out the toxins from the body as well as improve oxygen to build vital energy

8. Setubandh sarvangasana (Bridge formation pose)

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One of the natural remedies for thyroid is to practice Setubandh sarvangasana, as it helps the neck get good ample amount of stretch, which is effective for thyroid gland.

9. Sirshasana (Headstand pose)

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Sirshasana is considered to be one of the best Yoga postures for thyroid treatment, as it acts directly on the thyroid glands, helping to balance the metabolic functions and alleviate Symptoms of thyroid disease. Malfunctioning of the thyroid can lead to other health ailments, but Headstand pose helps regulate thyroid glands.

10. Dhanurasana (The Bow pose)

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The Bow pose or Dhanurasana helps massage the thyroid gland effectively and compel the gland to control thyroid with hormonal changes.

So, stimulate your thyroid with these 10 Yoga Poses for Thyroid Treatment. we advise you to see a doctor before practicing Yoga for Thyroid.

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Disclaimer* results may vary from person to person