Yoga for eyes- 5 Eye Exercises to improve vision

Yoga for eyes- 5 Eye Exercises to improve vision

Spending most of the hours of our day in front of the computer screen working on excel sheets, word docs and YouTube videos make our eyes exhausting and burning. Eyes are the most sensitive organs and you need to take the best care to guard them from hazy spots and blurry vision in the future. Ever tried Yoga for eyes? These Eye Exercises to improve vision can be done at any time of the day, and all you require is few minutes.

1. Warm Up

For any sort of exercises warm up is important, even for eyes. It helps increase the circulation to the eyes thus lowering the risk of aches and pains that comes with eye exercises. Stretch the eye extraocular muscles initially before beginning eye exercises.

Warm-up Instructions
  1.  Keep your head still throughout the exercise.
  2.  Look straight ahead and then look all the way up.
  3.  Stay still for few seconds and then look all the way down,
  4.  Stay still for few seconds and look to extreme left.
  5.  Repeat it to look to extreme right.
  6.  Head back to start position and move your eyes to the four diagonal corners
  7.  Start looking in the extreme top-left corner, bottom-right, top-right and end with bottom-left to complete a cycle.
  8.  Repeat it for a minute by holding your head stationary.

2. Flexing

Try flexing as a part of yoga for eyes, which helps improve eyes flexibility. This is easy and is one of the best eye strengthening exercises.

  1. Perform flexing with eyes open or close.
  2. Relax and look up.
  3. Slowly rotate your eyes in clockwise direction to reach all the corners.
  4. Continue flexing for a minute and change to anti-clockwise direction.

3. Focus Switching

The process of eyes changing focus, Accommodation is the regularly performed function of the eyes. People who rely on glasses tend to have lazy eyes that can lead to weakening in accommodation ability and their eye muscles. Here is the yoga to improve the eyesight.

  1.  Hold a card or paperboard with some letters at a reading distance.
  2.  Cover your right eye with your hand.
  3.  Keep the covered right eye open to avoid fatigue
  4.  Trace the shape of a letter for say three seconds.
  5.  Now, look up from the book to find a word or object at least 20 feet away.
  6.  Trace the shape of another letter for say three seconds again.
  7.  Relax your eyes and repeat the above three steps.
  8.  Do it for about 5 minutes and now cover the left eye and repeat the cycle.

Try doing it regularly. This is one of the best eye exercises to improve vision

4. Deep Blinking

Deep Blinking acts as a relaxation technique to eyes as well as to progress your capability to accommodate and the acuity of your distance vision.

  1.  All you require to perform this exercise is a blank wall, a comfortable chair and some large letters (paper cuttings)
  2.  Stick largely cut letters on the wall and move back until the letters appear to become blur for you.
  3.  Place your chair at the position and Sit on it in a relaxed posture and close your eyes.
  4.  Take a deep breath and gently open your eyes. Repeat this for a minute until you feel relaxed.
  5.  Now, take a deep breath and hold it while you clench your fists, and tighten the muscles in your body- – eyes, face, head, chest, neck, arms, leg and stomach. Allow your muscles to be tightened for about 5 secs.
  6.  At the end of 5 secs, exhale quickly through your mouth to release the tension and snap your eyes wide open. Look at the board and try reading the letters. They will become clear for few seconds.
  7.  Deep blink. Breathe slowly and gently take a look at the letters.
  8.  Take a look at the board for a second or two till it becomes blur again.

Repeat the last four steps again. This is one of the best Exercises for eyes to try to improve vision.

5. Palming

After the above eye straining exercises, you need to relax the muscles, and Palming is the best relaxation exercise for eyes. It provides the adequate rest and improves the circulation.

  1.  Sit and relax yourself with eyes closed and taking some deep breaths.
  2.  Rub your palms vigorously, until they become warm. Place the palms on your eyelids gently.
  3.  Feel the warmth of the palms on your eyes and let your eye muscles relax.
  4.  Stay on the position until the heat from the hands has been completely absorbed by the eyes.
  5.  Lower your hands keeping the eyes closed.
  6.  Repeat the last 4 steps again for at least three times

These Eye Exercises to improve vision will also rectify major of the eye issues. Practice Yoga for eyes regularly to improve eyesight.

*Results may vary from person to person and results are not guaranteed


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Disclaimer* results may vary from person to person