Yoga For Beginners-Health Secrets and Tips

Yoga For Beginners-Health Secrets and Tips

Yoga has gained much popularity over the years, and if you’re still not indulging in practicing it, you may be missing a lot. Yoga is a process to connect to body, heart and mind through your breath. It not only enhances your mood or improves breathing capacity, but promotes your overall health.

New to Yoga? Here are some tips, practices and suggestions a beginner must know…

All about Breathing

As important as the meditation or the posture, Breathing is the most significant aspect of Yoga. The first thing to learn in Yoga is how to breathe right. The life force can be engaged via nasal breathing, and your breathing will help your mind focus on each pose and help you hold that pose. Don’t practice the asanas while breathing through mouth. Get back and reconnect to it, with a constant flow of breath.

Physical Health

Practicing Yoga daily or twice a week can improve your physical health. The stretches and postures improve the flexibility. Beginners, try balancing the act and concentrate on your mind. Though it may be tougher in the beginning, you will discover immense relaxation as you let your body fall naturally into the postures.

Stress Relief

Indulging in regular Yoga sessions can relieve your stress. Deep stretches and postures combined with deep breathing opens up your body, and this alleviates stress. Yoga is good for those who are going through depression.

Enhances Memory & Self Confidence

The postures can increase the blood flow, and this allows the brain to function at a higher level. As you regularly indulge in practice, you can observe the increased mental clarity, concentration and memory retention. The deep focus you put down in Yoga transfers into the real world too.

Inner Peace

Consistent Yoga practice brings you inner peace and happiness. You will not only be benefited physically, but you may experience good number of mental benefits, be it relaxation, anger management, increasing your creativity or willpower.

Few Yoga Tips For Beginners

Go For the Guidance- It’s best to start off Yoga under the guidance of a qualified yoga teacher, who can guide you with right techniques. This helps you learn Asanas properly and avoid any complications or injuries.

The Clothes you wear Matters- Wear comfortable clothing while practicing Yoga, and avoid clothing that hugs your body or wearing belts or excessive jewellery as it could get in the way of your asanas.

Warm-Up before hitting the Mat- Warm ups and gentle exercises can loosen up your body and prepare it for the touch postures, by relaxing the body and mind.

Love Your Mat-Invest in a thick and comfortable Yoga mat that grips well, and we promise that a great mat is worth the extra money, if you are practicing at home. Most studios however will have mats and other props available for you in class.

Practice on an empty stomach- Yoga postures are always best practiced on empty stomach, since you are bending and activating the core so much. Water is all you need.

Relax and Recharge- This is one of the key secrets. No matter how long you practice, it’s always a good idea to end your session with Savasana (Corspe Pose) as it helps cool down the body and relaxes your mind.

All we say is Practice Yoga with passion, and it returns you with the gifts of health, flexibility, relaxation and zealous. Begin Practicing Yoga

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