Why Every Athlete Should Do Yoga

Why Every Athlete Should Do Yoga

Athletes irrespective of their sport or discipline can enhance their ability and improve their flexibility by adopting to a consistent yoga practice. Yoga is an opportunity to get to your peak performance. Nutrihealthline lists five ways an athlete may gain from Yoga Asanas

1. Core Strength

Yoga improves your core strength involving the transversus abdominus, the muscular belt that wraps under visible muscles. It also develops back strength and certain muscle groups. Core Strength is the key for improving your upper and lower body’s overall strength and energy. Athletics of swimming, cycling and running disciplines can benefit from Yoga Asanas by building the strength and improving lean muscle mass.

2. Balance

Athletes are usually flexible, but consistent yoga practice can improve your balance and coordination. Yoga Asanas betters your balance and coordination with enhanced techniques and forms, whether you are into swimming, golf, running, jump shot or wrestling.

3. Prevents Injuries

Many yoga poses balances postures and effectively corrects muscle imbalances and poor body mechanics. Some of the sports like cycling and running involve repetitive movements and doing this for longer time can cause imbalances in some muscles and joints and may lead to injuries. These injuries are due to lack of flexibility, poor core strength and misalignment. But several Yoga Asanas can help in alleviating the tightness, building a stronger center, and aligning the spine for Athletes to benefit from it.

4. Flexibility

Yoga helps to improve joint and muscular flexibility, which is necessary for your body’s structure. The Asanas can improve your movements and overall performance with increased range of motion and strength. It also enhances your stretching ability.

5. Relaxes Mind and Body

Yoga not only offers physical benefits to athletes, but it also helps you relax your mind and body. The last and most meditative asana savasana or corpse pose, which is to be performed at the completion of all postures, prepares your mind and body to reap maximum benefit from the meditation. Yoga is a good way to reduce the tension and relax your muscles completely.

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