Does face yoga work in reducing wrinkles?

Does face yoga work in reducing wrinkles?

Women like to age gracefully, and it’s one of the reasons why cosmetic industry keep launching numerous “anti-aging” products every now and then, capitalizing on the craze. These anti-aging products which may or may not work for you will cost you a fortune, but do you know that Face Yoga can help slow down aging? According to a study that was published in the journal AGE, Yoga benefits you with anti-ageing effects.

Face Yoga

Face Yoga is about focusing on the muscles in your head and neck, and this benefits your overall health making you look young and youthful. Face Yoga improves your facial muscle tones and relieves the stress and will strategically enhance certain parts of your face. Face Yoga can build the cheek area, give the appearance of high cheekbones, reduce the under eye bags and make you look younger eventually.

The concept of Face Yoga is initiated by Fumiko Takatsu. Here are three anti-aging face exercises that helps to tighten up your muscles, improves the tone and lifts the facial muscles.

Get Rid of Wrinkly Forehead

The following facial-exercise will relax your muscles and remove the tension which is one of the reasons behind wrinkles.

1. Make a fist with both the hands and keep the knuckles of middle and index fingers in the center of your forehead, slightly applying the pressure.

2. By applying the pressure, slide your fists out to each side.

3. Complete the facial exercise by pressing your knuckles into your temples. Repeat it for four times to relieve tension and   stress.

Reduce Double Chin

A double chin or saggy neck makes you older than your age. Try out this exercise to make your neck and jawline appear tight.

1. Pout your lips. Move them to left of your face, which stretches your cheek.

2. Turn your head to left and lift it in a diagonal way to 45-degree angle. This makes you feel the stretch in the neck.

3. Stay for around seconds. Repeat it. Now switch to the right side and repeat it twice.

Reduce the Smile Lines

The following facial Yoga exercise can smooth out the smile line and lift your eyes, giving your face a slimmer appearance.

1. Keep your both palms on your temples.

2. Massage your hands up and back to lift your face.

3. Keep your mouth and make O shape. Drop your jaw.

4. Hold for few breaths and repeat for few times.

The exercises will enhance the overall anti-aging benefits and improves your skin condition. Do not smoke and limit your alcohol intake. Moisturize daily and use sun-screen protection.

*Results may vary from person to person and results are not guaranteed

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Disclaimer* results may vary from person to person