Beginners, Avoid these Yoga Mistakes

Beginners, Avoid these Yoga Mistakes

Indulging in Yoga is great for your physical and mental health. But in order to be perfect in it, you need lot of consistency, practice and patience. Yoga class is a new dimension to the beginners, and they tend to make some common mistakes in their initial days. Take a look at the some of the common mistakes, Yoga Beginners make time and again…

1. Beginning off with Advanced Yoga

Yoga has various level courses, and beginning it off joining the advanced level can be riskier. You may hurt yourself with the complicated asanas. Begin with basic Yoga class, and then advance into the next levels.

2. Comparing yourself to other persons

Don’t compare yourself to the other persons in the class. Each of the individuals has different body types and flexibility levels, depending on the factors like age, past injuries or genetics. Comparing yourself to the next person and forcing your body too much, when it’s not ready yet can only leave you injured.

3. Pushing your body too far and fast

Yoga isn’t about flexibility or the stunts, but it’s about connecting your mind and body with breathing. Yoga poses may seem simple and easier looking at them. But when you practice, you will understand that it has to be practiced with awareness. The postures/asanas involve the work deeper muscles tissues, and if you keep pushing yourself, your body will face soreness the next day. Listen to your instructor and do not overdo in the initial days.

4. Inconsistent Practice

Yoga is constant journey, and it requires regular practice. Prioritizing Yoga session in the bottom of your to-do list and appearing once a while in class takes you nowhere. Practice regularly, may be twice or thrice a week in the beginning can help you learn the technique and relaxes your mind.

5. Practicing on full stomach

Yoga postures are always best practiced on empty stomach, since you are bending and activating the core so much. If you are twisting, bending and compressing the torso, the portions of gastrointestinal tract gets affected, and there are chances that the food is pushed outwards against the lining of the tract. Water is all you need, and if you’re too hungry grab a fruit.

6. Quitting after Injury

Injuries help you to learn further and overcome the limitations. Explore on how the injury happened and follow the instructions this time from your yoga instructor. Don’t stop practicing Yoga, as you will miss the opportunity of gaining from it.

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