Why is it harder for Women to Lose Weight than Men?

Why is it harder for Women to Lose Weight than Men?

It’s not your imagination ladies, but annoyingly true that men can lose weight so much more easily than women can! There are even evidences to back the statement, so find out the reasons why it’s harder for women to drop pounds.

Reasons why it’s harder for women to lose weight?

Firstly men tend to be bigger than women and have more muscle mass, which means they have faster metabolism rate and thereby can burn calories at a faster rate naturally. “Men require more calories to maintain their weight. So, if they reduce their caloric intake, even a little, they’re more likely to reach a caloric deficit and lose weight,” say health experts.

Secondly, there’s psychological factor that works against women. Studies have found that women have usually more of an emotional attachment to food compared to men, and it makes harder for women to follow a strict diet plan. Men on the other hand are likely to have less emotional reaction to food and they can quickly get back to their diet plans, even if they hog heavy buffets once in a while.

The other reason is the different levels of hormones floating in bloodstreams of Men and Women. Compared to men, women have 15 times less muscle-building, fat loss-promoting testosterone, and women tend to have higher levels of estrogen and progesterone which leads to stronger food cravings when compared to Men. These extra calories may cause weight gain of additional 10 to 20 pounds per year.

Lastly, the Thyroid hormone levels that contribute to weight and metabolism also vary between men and women. Thyroid abnormalities are more common in women than men, and the lower risk of thyroid hormones levels are common during pregnancy, after delivery, and around menopause.

Of course, Women can drop pounds!

Of course, women can successfully shed pounds, but may have to put a little more effort than Men to achieve significant weight loss, as biology isn’t really on women side.

Weight-Loss Strategies for Women

Fitness experts suggest incorporating regular strength-training workouts into your fitness routine to increase your efforts of dropping more pounds.

Women who are looking for weight loss should focus on weights to help their bodies’ burn more calories. The more lean muscle, the more you can burn calories. Heavy lifts for multiple sets and exercises can temporarily increase testosterone levels and optimizer muscle-building potential.

Plan your meals around proteins so as to build calorie-burning muscle and to strengthen your muscles. Women who lift weights are recommended between 1.2 and 1.7 grams of protein per kilogram of body weight daily.

Try to avoid using food as your coping mechanism for dealing with stress or depression or any other negative emotions. So, develop a healthy relationship with food and your body

If you are facing thinning hair, extreme fatigue, constipation, dry skin, and slower metabolism symptoms, visit your doctor asap. Get the blood test done to see if you are facing low hormones levels or any other issues that sabotaging your weight-loss efforts.

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