10 Spices for Weight Loss

10 Spices for Weight Loss

Looking for new ways that help you to lose weight? Head to your herbs and spices cabinet. Yes, they are not only flavor-boosters but can kick your metabolism into high gear and help you burn calories and by promoting weight loss. So spice up your life with these 10 Spices for Weight Loss.

1. Turmeric

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Turmeric has a host of health benefits including weight loss. The other health benefits include it being a potent disease-fighter against Alzheimer’s and cancer, as well as metabolism booster. Turmeric also prevents weight gain or re-growth of fat after you shed few kilos by inhibiting the expansion and growth of fat tissue through new blood cells. Besides adding Turmeric to soups, stews and curries, have a glass of Turmeric milk right before you hit the snooze button to lose weight quickly.

2. Cinnamon

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Cinnamon is one of the best natural herbs for weight loss as it is capable in offering health benefits, be it in improving insulin function, stabilizing blood sugar levels and increasing the metabolism or aiding in weight loss by keeping you fuller for a longer time and decreasing hunger pangs. Add cinnamon to your oatmeal, cottage cheese or plain yogurt.

3. Cumin

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Just one teaspoon of Cumin seeds or powder suppresses your appetite, therefore, making you want to eat less and thus aids in reducing the weight. Plus it helps you burn up to three times more body fat in women, according to a research study. Cumin adds great flavor to your dishes, be it soups, marinades, curries. Alternatively, you can drink jaljeera twice, a healthy drink to prevent calorie gain.

4. Ginger

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How Ginger help you to Lose Weight? Ginger is one of the exotic and highly-sought after spices for its culinary and medicinal benefits. Ginger is packed with anti-inflammatory, anti-cancer properties and helps to boost metabolism, and promotes fat-burn. This versatile spice can be added to any dishes or even your tea or you can even try Ginger-detox bath once in a week.

5. Cayenne Pepper

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Including cayenne pepper for breakfast can suppress your appetite and makes you consume lesser calories in the day. The capsaicin in Cayenner Pepper burns excess fat and boots metabolic rate. It has the potential to soothe inflammation, relieve from bloating cause due to allergies, food sensitivities and infections, and aids in weight loss. However, too much of cayenne pepper can be bad, since it is a really hot spice.

6. Black Pepper

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Black pepper is antibacterial and antibiotic and has plenty of fat-burning properties. Piperine in Blackpepper controls the fat cells and reduces fat levels in the blood stream by absorbing nutrients. Sprinkle little bit of black pepper to your dishes.

7. Mustard

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Mustard is one of the best Spices for weight loss. According to a research study, Mustard seeds are shown to boost metabolic rate by 25 percent which indeed helps you burn calories efficiently. Adding 3/5 teaspoon of mustard seeds in your diet can burn an extra 45 calories per hour and strips away the belly fat.

8. Garlic

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If you’re wondering about herbs for weight loss, here’s garlic that works wonders for your waistline, by burning fat. Eating Garlic on an empty stomach can help to keep the cholesterol levels in check by increasing the “good” HDL-cholesterol levels and by reducing the serum cholesterol levels. The pungent flavor of Garlic makes you take limited food preventing you from overeating.

9. Cardamom

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Ever heard of Ayurveda for weight loss? Cardamom is a popular herb used in Ayurveda in the ancient holistic system of medicine and natural healing from India. The aromatic spice with a spicy-sweet flavor spices up curries like no other and the thermogenic effects boosts metabolism and helps burn fat.

10. Coriander

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Coriander is packed with unique mix oils like linalool and geranyl acetate that not only helps alleviate digestive issues, but aids in dropping those extra kilos quite effectively

Don’t forget to shop these herbs and spices for weight loss next time you take a visit to super markets. These spices increase your metabolism, shrink fat tissue, suppress your appetite and help you to Lose Weight.

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