Overweight Problems? Here’s how to lose weight

Overweight Problems? Here’s how to lose weight

If your BMI exceeds a given quotient and you have fat accumulated in abdominal areas, consider weight loss programs and DietaryTricks with safe cautiousness.

More Reasons to Lose Weight

Belly fat, large waist circumference and unequal distribution of weight can cause serious ailments such as hypertension, cardiac ailment and weight oriented ailments which are why you should lose weight.

High cholesterol, diabetic conditions, hypertension and the increased risks of heart-ailments are good reasons for weight loss.

Family history or genetic trait of weight gain might also be the reason you should be considering weight loss.

Causes of Overweight

Hyper/hypo thyroidism, Low Metabolism, Overeating, Unhealthy foods, Lack of Physical activity, poor lifestyle are few of the reasons behind your weight gain.

Dietary Tips to Lose weight fast and safe

1. Burn calories more than you take

You already know the theory behind weight loss- Burn calories higher than you consume, and when you accompany the trick with daily physical activity, you’ll be quickly reaching the weight Loss goals.

2. Consume less and burn more calories

Dieticians and Weight Trainers say that reducing around 500 calories in your daily diet can help you with quick weight loss of around two pounds in a week time.

3. Say No to Carbonated soft drinks

Opt for water or flavoured water and give up on the aerated or carbonated soft drinks. Drink around eight to ten glasses of water a day, and you can opt for lemonades or soups which further contributes to faster weight loss.

4. Low calorie, fiber-rich foods

Fill up your plate with fiber rich fruits and vegetables that are low in calories. It makes you fuller for long time thus helping you in shedding those extra calories.

5. Stay away from processed foods

Keep yourself away from the processed foods, sugary desserts, fried delicacy and limit on refined carbohydrate and starched items to keep weight loss in check. These foods make you crave for more and cause weight gain.

6. Dairy Products

Coming to the Milk and dairy products, choose the double toned milk and yogurt low in fat as the dietary alternatives.

7. Never skip meals

Try not skipping meals, especially breakfast. Eat smaller portions of meals and snacking on fruits aids in losing weight fast and safe.

8. Physical Exercising

Dietary tricks when accompanied by physical activity such as brisk walking, yoga and stretching exercises make you shed pounds faster and in a safe way.
It’s always suggested to seek the consultation of a weight trainer, dietician or physician when you are looking out for intense weight loss programs.

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