Lose Belly Fat quickly with these 7 Tips

Lose Belly Fat quickly with these 7 Tips

Wondering if you can ever wear your slimmest jeans from the wardrobe again? Being the victims of the pesky belly fat raider, we put asides all the expensive slim wear aside, but don’t worry here are some amazing tips to lose belly fat quickly without having to undergo painful procedures or spend expensive bucks. Get flat stomach with these effective weight loss remedies.

1. Cut out refined sugar

Sugary foods make you gain weight and it makes it hard for you to lose belly fat. Avoid sweet stuff and focus on a diet that is as low in sugar by substituting sweets foods with fresh fruits, dry fruits. Try maple syrups, coconut flakes and oatmeal flakes to satisfy your sweet tooth

2. Chew your food properly

Do not stuff food and swallow it right away without properly chewing, as it’s detrimental to your weight. We understand your time-constraints, but take your time chewing your food that helps you get rid of belly fat. When you properly chew your food, you will also eat less and that indeed helps with your weight loss goals.

3. The Magic Hour

There is right time to do some things, and according to diet and nutrition experts, there are specific times to eat nutrition-dense foods. Many of us eat lunch before noon and wait till 7pm to wolf down our dinner. But waiting to eat for so long in fact doesn’t help with weight loss, but can be harmful because your blood sugar levels can easily go out of whack and slow down metabolism. Diet experts recommend eating a healthy snack between 3 and 4 for a faster metabolism, which is lot more beneficial for your waistline.

4. Protein-rich foods

Research studies show that the more you eat for breakfast, the less you consume as the day wears on. Individuals who get 30 grams of protein at breakfast can consume about 100 fewer calories at lunch, as protein acts as key for satiety. Also, eating protein rich foods will help you to lose weight better than fats and carbs and help you get flat tummy.

5. Go easy on diet drinks

Reduce sugar-free beverages, Chewing gums containing sorbitol, as it isn’t digestible and sends stomach enzymes into overdrive. 10 gms of Sorbitol can bring in stomach issues, and as per the reports, 50% of the patients’ symptoms of abdominal bloating reduce, when they were put on sorbitol-free and sugar-free diets. So, try avoiding sorbitol, mannitol, xylitol and lacitol. We also recommend you to reduce the alcohol and coffee consumption, since they also result in dehydration

6. Adequate Sleep

Lack of sleep not only slows down your metabolism, but it can trigger the fat cells and cause belly bloating. Individuals who sleep 7 hours or more a night lose twice as much fat than those who sleep less than 7 hours. Sleep deprivation is linked to addictive behavior of brain and you tend to eat junk food more.

7. Exercises to burn belly fat

Much of the fat in your body gets centered around belly, and as we age, the hormonal and metabolic shifts cause your abdominal area to gain few inches and pack on gallons of fat. Sitting straight and maintaining good posture, the Leg Lifts, Spine Rollups, Squat Thrusts, Bicycling all categorize to Belly fat exercises.

Lose Belly fat quickly with these 7 tips along with drinking plenty of water as well as de-stressing. Try out these effective weight loss remedies to get flat stomach

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