Healthy Kitchen Hacks For Weight Loss

Healthy Kitchen Hacks For Weight Loss

You may have already heard about weight loss diet and exercises for weight loss, but here are 7 Kitchen Hacks that helps you lose weight and make you slim and fit.

1. Organize healthier food in front rows

Be it refrigerators or pantries, try organizing your healthy food in the front row that is the easiest to reach. Add fruits and vegetables to baskets and let them be at an easy reach at the front of the refrigerator, at eye level. This helps you remember your weight loss goals and reach for them instead of the pre-processed or junk foods.

2. Swap butter with apple sauce

Swap recipes with butter by replacing them with apple sauce in the same quality. They are not only fat-free but complements the other fruity flavors and keeps each bite tasty. It will help keep the portion control in check, lowering the calories intake and aiding in weight loss.

3. Salad before meal

A salad before main course helps you curb appetite and act as healthy snack too. Try out the Watermelon, Spinach salad, a below 100 calories dish. To 3/4th cup of diced watermelon, add a cup of sliced raw spinach and top it with balsamic vinegar.

4. Remove snacks from the counters

Every time you see some fresh chips or muffins on the counters, you are tempted to eat them and can’t resist the urge. Remove snacks from the counters and put them away in the cupboards and that way you won’t be tempted. Though this seem a bit silly, a study has found that people who leave foods on kitchen counters weighed on an average, 10% more than those who did not.

5. Use Smaller Plates with Smaller Serving Sizes

Reduce your portion size and count on the calories. We are psychologically tuned from our young age to finish off what is in our plates and not waste the food. Adding to it, it will take 20 minutes for your stomach to send the indication that you are full. Learn the amount of calories you are serving on to your plate. Several studies have scientifically proven that reducing your containers and serving plates size by 12 to 10 inches can cut down 22% of the calories you consume.

6. Measure the ingredients

Follow the ingredients of recipe with precise measurements. Do not use your own measurements and substituting a dollop for a handful. This makes you eat more than you require. So do yourself good by buying proper measuring scoops and spoons to measure out ingredients

7. Put out a fruit bowl

Here’s one of the best Kitchen hacks that help you lose weight. All you need to do is put a fruit bowl out on your counters. Yes, a study has found that people who have fruit out in a bowl have been found to weigh 8 pounds lesser than people who don’t. When you lay out a fruit basket, you are going to reach for an apple or a banana when you’re hungry rather than finding other junk foods snacks.

Try out these Simple Kitchen Hacks to lose weight by incorporating these smart ideas. These weight loss tips and foods to lose weight can make all the difference.

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Disclaimer* results may vary from person to person