How to stay slim and young? 5 Weight Loss Tips

How to stay slim and young? 5 Weight Loss Tips

Love to stay slim, healthy and hot forever? These slimming tips not only help you with good looks and ideal weight, but also aids in overall health. Staying healthy doesn’t just mean avoiding unwanted pounds, but also following basic diet rules, regular routine, exercising and improving your lifestyle.

Here are 5 Best Natural tips to stay slim, toned, young and stay that way…
1. Is your Hunger Real or Fake?

Learn to know if you are really hungry or eating to kill your boredom? Nutritionists say the best way to determine if you’re overeating is see if you’re hungry in two to three hours after the meal. Avoid overstuffing and ensure you eat slowly and chewing food thoroughly that aids in weight loss.

2. Eat Smartly

Choose healthy foods and don’t keep reaching for the snacks all day. Avoiding negative eating patterns will in turn make you lose weight and keep you healthy. Try to base your meals on healthy foods such as Brown rice, potatoes, pulses, fruit and veggies, lean meats, pasta, eggs, fish, poultry and low-fat dairy. These foods are filling without making you feel hungry for long time.

Avoid stocking up your refrigerator with processed or junk foods. “Sugar is something that you must avoid or indulge in only occasionally. It stresses your body be it table sugar, honey or fruit juice,” say diet experts who advise taking sugar not more than 10 gms per day.

3. Experiment with Exercise

When it comes to being physically active, you can always experiment and try something new. The Leisure centres are setting up new fitness activities like hula-hooping, Bokwa, Zumba, cheerleading or walking groups. Having a passion for any outdoor activity can motivate you in keeping slim. Learn what you love and do it be it riding a bike or playing tennis or taking a walk in the mornings with a group of friends.

4. Treat Yourself

Don’t’ follow too strict regime, as it can demotivate you entirely. Treat yourself with a glass of wine, delicious cool cake or a chocolate or any of your favourite foods occasionally. “Losing weight doesn’t have to mean giving up all of your favourite foods. If you deprive yourself of something, you’ll only want it more and cravings could make you throw the towel in,” say Nutritionists.

5. Small Swaps Make Big Difference

Making small swaps to your diet is the healthiest way to lose weight and stay slim. Swap white bread for wholemeal bread, regular mayonnaise for extra-light mayo, fruit juices for whole fruits, whole milk for semi-skimmed milk, sugar-coated breakfast cereals for a wholegrain breakfast cereals. These small swaps will make a big difference on your waistline.

These are some of the effective and simple tips to stay slim, hot and healthy, plus they aren’t so difficult to apply them in your life.

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