How to Lose Weight using Honey and Cinnamon?

How to Lose Weight using Honey and Cinnamon?

Do you know that honey and cinnamon helps in weight loss? Along with your proper diet and exercise, honey and cinnamon aids in accelerating the rate of weight lost and suppress your food cravings.

Honey contains the antioxidants and enzymes, which benefit your health in several ways, while Cinnamon is equally capable in offering health benefits, be it in improving insulin function, stabilizing blood sugar levels and increasing the metabolism or aiding in weightloss.

Cinnamon powder and Honey when combined form healthy mix that assists in your weight loss goals.

How to use Honey and Cinnamon for weight loss

Taking a bowl, add half tablespoon of Cinnamon powder and pour warm water to it and let it cool. Add a full teaspoon of raw, organic honey to the mixture. Mix it and Drink as per the instructions below. We suggest you use filtered water to get the full benefits.

On an Empty Stomach in the Morning

When you’re on a weightloss goal, start your day in a healthy way. Drinking the cinnamon and honey mix on an empty stomach is a great way to boost up metabolism rate and energy levels, and help rev up your digestive system. Wait for at least half-an-hour after the drink to take your breakfast meal.

Between the Meals

Honey-cinnamon mix is an effective way to prevent from the food cravings. It lessens your appetite and makes you feel full. Plus, the drink has the Nutrients, vitamins and minerals that aids in good health. It helps you stay full when taken between the meals, and helps you avoid unhealthy snacks.

Before Bedtime

People who are on weight loss goals are often advised to stay away from late night cravings for sweets or a bowl of ice-cream or any junk foods. Cinnamon-honey mix or the cinnamon tea before bedtime will help you in this regard. It helps to curb the nighttime cravings and ensure you to sleep without any hunger pangs all night. Plus, it not only provides energy making you stay mentally alert, but also eases digestion that helps to prevent gas and other digestive disorders.

However, we advise you to check with health practitioner before opting to this routine for weight loss goal. This drink should not be replaced with any treatment or drugs you are taking.

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