How do You Know if You’re Overweight?

Advertisements – Am I Overweight or How Do I Know If I Am Overweight or Obese might be the question confusing you from sometime? If so, do not worry as we have easy solutions for you to let you find if you you’re overweight or healthy weight.

What is Obesity?

Obesity is a condition where your body is accumulated with excess fat causing health issues. Apart from overeating and genetic factors, other causes of Obesity include fast-paced lifestyle, diet changes, lack of exercise and stress. Obese people get easily tired, and women may even experience menstruation problems. Excessive weight can also cause chronic lifestyle diseases like Diabetes Type II or infertility and furthermore.

Health Experts suggest to treat Obesity in the initial stages itself, so that it may not lead to other health problems. While it’s not easy to shed few kilos, it’s also not an impossible task, when you practice a good diet and healthy exercise.

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Doctors refer a person overweight, when his/her body mass index (BMI) increases by around 10% to 20%, and if it increases by 20% or more then he refers you as Obese. And if your BMI reaches 50% or more, then it is called morbid obesity.

Obesity is one of the common problems, and yet it is largely ignored. Here are three Obesity Tests…

1. Hydrostatic Body Fat

The Hydrostatic body fat test can help you find out the body fat percentage and is considered quite accurate. The person is dipped in a tank of water and weighed under-water to determine the body weight for the test.

2. Dual Energy X-Ray Absorptiometry

Dual Energy X-Ray Absorptiometry is another effective method for Obesity Test. For this test, the person is made to lie down for around 30 minutes and and a CT scanner is used to take a full body X-ray.

3. Other Obesity Tests Methods

While the above two methods provide us the accurate reports, they are other easier and cost-economical methods like calipers, BIA or bioelectrical impedance analysis, height/weight charts and BMI. These methods can help you find if you are overweight or obese, without much ado, though they may not be perfectly accurate.

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To stay fit and healthy, make simple lifestyle changes and dietary changes like quitting smoking and alcohol, eating healthy foods, cutting down junk food and manage stress levels and incorporating exercise plans


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