7 Foods to Lose Belly Fat

7 Foods to Lose Belly Fat

Get rid of belly fat by stocking your pantry with these weight loss staples that help control hunger hormones and supply you the needed energy. Here are 7 Foods to lose belly fat and help you get flat tummy.

1. Oatmeal

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Oatmeal is the best breakfasts that keeps you full for hours, as well as get rid of belly fat. Opt for the plain Oatmeal with milk and sugar, rather than opting for sugary flavored varieties. Oats are packed with insoluble fiber and carbs that curbs the hunger pangs.

2. Eggs

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Eggs are not much directly linked to weight loss, but the high quality protein food makes you full, and helps you consume fewer calories for the next 24 hours, and as a result making you lose body fat. A research study has found that Women who ate two eggs for breakfast five times a week for 8 weeks lost 65% more weight, reduced waist circumference by 83% compared to those women who ate bagels for breakfast.

3. Almonds and Walnuts

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Almonds and Walnuts contain good fats and does not add calories, provided you take them in moderation. Rich in nutrients, these nuts help burn fat and increase energy and metabolism. However, skip salted nuts, as excess salt can increase blood pressure.

4. Cherries

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Munch on a few tart Montmorency cherries before you hit the bed, as they not only get rid of belly fat, but the melatonin in it triggers sleep hormone and helps you sleep better. Tart cherries helps increase melatonin levels in the body.

5. Milk

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Milk adds to the list of losing belly fat foods, according to a 2010 study by researchers at the University of Alabama at Birmingham which has proven that consuming most calcium-rich foods has helps lose fat in premenopausal women. Consuming milk also helps lose intra-abdominal fat, as it has been linked to higher rates of heart disease and cancer.

6. Ginger Tea

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Try Ginger Tea, if you are looking for foods to Lose Belly Fat. Ginger not only helps shrink your belly but it is known as digestive aid. Starting your day with a cup of Ginger Tea can help activate the digestive system, warm up the circulatory system, thereby reducing the bloating and reduce waist size.

Grate ½ tsp of raw ginger into your tea kettle, boil for 3-5 minutes. Now, pour into a cup with your tea bag to enjoy Ginger Tea. You can serve it with honey.

7. Green Leafy vegetables

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Want to get a flat stomach fast? Include Green Leafy vegetables in your diet. They are rich in fibre, low in calories and contain several vital vitamins and minerals that help to ease water retention without causing the bloating and tummy discomfort.
Include these 7 Foods to lose Belly Fat in your diet and get rid of bloated stomach and belly fat. For more tips for flat stomach, do visit nutrihealthline.com.

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