Exercise to Get Slim – Workout At Home

Exercise to Get Slim – Workout At Home

You don’t have to always have expensive equipment to exercise to get slim. Try out these best exercises for flat stomach three times a week, and ensure you start with a warm up.

Things You Need

  •  A ball about the size of a soccer ball
  •  A chair on wheels
  •  A bath towel, Water
  •  Free Area

Best Exercises for flat stomach

1. Ab Twist with Ball; Starting Position

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1. Start by sitting on the floor, feet shoulder-width apart, toes up, so that you are resting on your heels.

2. Hold the ball with both arms and now extend your arms in front of you.

3. Perform 12 reps or for about 2 minutes. Ab Twists are great for Abdominals, glutes, hamstrings

2. Ab Twist with Ball; The Move

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1. Lie back slowly and stop halfway to the floor and twist to the left, reaching toward the floor with the ball.

2. Hold on for a beat and slowly twist over to right side.

3. Breathe normally and focus on contracting your abdominal muscles. This is best exercise for flat stomach.

3. Wall Squat; Starting Position

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Wall squats are great for hamstrings, quadriceps and glutes.

1. Stand with your back to a bare wall.

2. Place the ball in the small of your back.

3. Keep your . feet be shoulder-width apart, toes forward and abdominals tucked.

4. Wall Squat; The Move

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1. Lower your body until the hamstrings are parallel to floor.

2. Hold on. Squeeze your glutes and press back up for five counts.

3. Place the ball between your back and the wall throughout the exercise.

5. Back Pull

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1. Roll the towel lengthwise, and grasp at the ends of either hand.

2. Extending your arms, raise the towel over your head.

3. Inhale, then slowly exhaling bend arms with towel lower behind your head.

4. Keep focus on the towel as you raise and lower it. But don’t stress your neck.

5. Do this for 12 reps. Back pulls are great for back muscles.

6. Push Ups

exercise to get slim

Pushups give your whole body a workout and it helps you burn more calories during and after workout, compared to your other exercises. They strain your body, boosts up metabolism and burns out calories.

1. Place your towel under knees for comfort,

2. Kneel down on the towel. walk your hands forward until your torso is at a 45-degree incline.

3. Put your hands slightly wider than shoulder-width apart, keeping your fingers spread wider.

4. Inhale as you lower yourself tucking your abdominals, and keeping torso two inches off the floor.

5. Hold for few seconds. Squeeze your chest muscles as you press up to the start position.

7. Heel Walk

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Heel Walks are great for Lower body and abdominals.

1. Sit on the roll chair with abs tucked and shoulders back.

2. Move forward by digging your heels into the floor.

3. Do this using your heels harder for 2 minutes.

4. Drink a glass of water before you move to next next Exercise to get slim

8. Hamstring Curl

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Hamstring Curl is great for Hamstrings, glutes and lower back of body.

1. Lie flat on your stomach and place the ball between your ankles.

2. Cross your arms and rest your head on it.

3. Squeeze the ball and lift your knees off the floor as much as your body supports. Do this by keeping your straight.

4. Bend your knees gently until the feet points toward the ceiling. Exhale as you curl up and inhale as you release. Rest for few moments if you feel strained.

Incorporate these exercises to get slim and fit. Try out Hamstring Curl, Heel Walk, Push Ups, Back Pulls, Ab Twists exercises to flatten stomach

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