Does Cold Showers help you Lose Weight?

Does Cold Showers help you Lose Weight?

Is Losing weight your goal and you may have already heard that taking icy and cold showers help burn calories and make you lose weight? Did you ever try Cold Showers for Weight Loss? Is it worth the risk to shed pounds with Cold Water Shower. Here’s Nutrihealthline’s take. Read on…

Exposure to cold activates Brown fat or brown adipose tissue, and as a result it generates heat and increases metabolism and burns the regular fat. In fact two ounces of BAT helps burn around 500 calories per day.

Researchers explain that taking cold shower for at least 30 seconds and let it run over shoulders, neck and back, the areas where a lot of brown fat is found can burn the fat.

Cold Showers and Weight Loss

Idea of exposure to cold and calorie burn isn’t new, and has been around for decades now. In a research study published in 1985, the researchers found that individuals who bathed in cool water for 2 hours had not only burned more fat, but these men also used stored carbohydrates for excess energy to keep warm. Exposure to cold activates a phase referred as “nonshivering thermogenesis,” where you likely to burn more calories. So, cold showers help you lose weight upping your calorie burn, triggering the production of brown fat in your body.

Risk of Taking Cold Showers To Burn More Fat

While Cold Showers look nicer to burn away excess fat, it’s however not the best ways to lose pounds. Exposure to cold for long time may help you burn calories and lead to weight loss, but you may put yourself at risk of deadly hypothermia. Icy water baths can dip body temperatures to dangerous low levels and may result in Hypothermia further leading to slowing reflexes, muscle weakness, fatigue and even negatively affect heart function. Cold showers are not worth the risk taking to your health to just shed few pounds.

How to Lose Weight Safely?

While once in a while we recommend you taking Cold Showers for its own benefits like improving immunity and blood circulation, alertness, easing stress and reliving depression, besides speeding up the muscle soreness and recovery, we however don’t recommend them for longer period for weight loss. Instead focus on a healthy diet and exercise routine, which is safe and sustainable weight loss plan that gives you long-term results. Alternatively, you can also lower your thermostat from 74 to 68 degrees Fahrenheit, which aids in boosting your calorie burn, another safe way to burn calories.

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