Burn Calories with this Weight Loss Routine

Advertisements – Everyone wishes to maintain ideal weight all their lives and stay away from that extra fat. Lack of physical activity and a high-calorie diet make you reserve the fat ultimately leading to overweight, lowered metabolism, obesity and health problems.

Indulge in physical activity to lose the flab and stay fit

And try choosing intense exercises that burn calories rapidly. Here are best 30 minutes workouts to indulge in, that helps you burn 500 calories per day. Start off with a warm-up and follow up your workout with these exercises.

1. Running


Unlike any other exercise, Running quickly helps you burn calories and you observe the result by a week or so. Also you do not need any special equipment though you can opt for treadmill. Run at a faster pace 8mph for around 30 minutes. Stop for 30 seconds to catch your breath in the mid time. It helps you burn 500 calories by the time you finish the run and eventually it contributes to your health.

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2. Strength Training

Strength Training

Strength training not only helps you burn good number of calories, but it targets different muscle groups in your body and defines your frame. You can choose to work on various muscle groups resting for 30 seconds between sets and burn 500 calories by the end of the workout.

3. Body Weight Workouts

Body Weight Workouts

Include push-ups, squats, lunges, planks and other exercises that give your whole body a workout and it helps you burn more calories during and after workout, compared to your other exercises. They strain your body, boosts up metabolism and burns out calories. Increasing the duration and intensity of the Body Weight Workouts can gradually improve your stamina and burn fat loss.

4. Swimming


Swimming not only makes you lose the fat, but boosts metabolism, and firms every muscle in your body without stressing them out. Be it Freestyle, Backstroke or Breaststroke, Swimming helps you burn around 500 calories per 30 minutes, and builds your endurance levels plus make you feel energized and stronger.

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5. Stair Training

Stair Training

Stair exercises are unique form of workouts that help you increase your cardiovascular stamina and also show a positive impact on your health over time. The heavier you are the more calories you’ll burn while climbing the stairs. 10 minutes of stairs climbing a day can burn up to 500 kilojoules, and improve cardiovascular health and build stronger joints and muscles

Other Exercises to Lose calories quickly include Bicycling, Jogging, Rowing, Racquetball, Martial arts, Rock climbing, Zumba routine, Rope Jumping or Rope Skipping.


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