Are You On Weight Loss Goal? Try the Latest Diet Trends

Are You On Weight Loss Goal? Try the Latest Diet Trends

Confused with too many diet trends? Yes, there is currently plethora of diets to choose from to achieve your weight loss goals, and many are confused which of these are effective and which are not. lists you the current diet trends and the benefits and drawbacks of these trends.

Diet Experts agree that there’s no particular diet that works the same way for everyone, and that individuals need to understand themselves which weight-loss diet plan works best, considering the factors like their lifestyle, taste and health considerations including allergies and chronic conditions. They say that there is not just one diet that you can stick to lose weight in the longer run.

Read on to check the latest diet trends and which ones to follow or avoid…

1. Detox, Juice Diets

Detox and juice diets help get rid of toxins from your body and helps with weight loss. They involve a strict diet with vegetables, fruit, juices, and water. However, it may not work in long-term says the nutritionists.

While the Detox diet may help when you have overeaten, or had a holiday season, it will not work on daily basis for years. The diet experts say that following out detox diet for months make you acquire nutritional deficiencies. Staying on a diet including lemon juice, cayenne pepper, and maple syrup alone, makes you miss the nutrients including calcium, vitamin D and iron. Avoid it in longer run

2. High Protein-Low Carb Diet

Swapping some of your carbs for proteins can be long-staying trends, say the nutritionists. Keep the fats and carbs in limit, and take the protein to two times the Recommended Dietary Allowance. The RDA for protein is a modest 0.8 grams of protein per kilogram of body weight, according to Harvard Medical School experts. Diet Experts also recommend inculcating more Plant-based options like quinoa, chia and buckwheat as protein staples than the animal-based proteins.

3. Paleo Diet

The Paleo diet involves not much of any dairy, refined sugar or processed foods. It includes lots of meat, fish, and fresh vegetables and fruits. Following Paleo Diet may initially be beneficial in shedding down some pounds, as you cut down all the bread, cookies, and ice cream. But Nutritionists remind that it may be tough to follow in the longer run. “It’s still popular, especially with cross-fitters and fitness enthusiasts who do high-intensity training, but for people who  have busy life routine, this diet is too strict to follow, limiting out all sugary, processed foods.

4. Mediterranean Diet

Mediterranean diet is high in vegetables, fruits, fish, legumes, olive oil, even some red wine, and research studies have reported that the diet is associated with a reduced risks of death from heart diseases, cancer, as well as a lower incidence of Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s diseases. Plus, the Mediterranean diet is good for those who are on weight-loss goals. The foods are all nutritious, banishing simple sugars and processed foods.

5. Probiotics

Maintaining healthy gut is important, and we have been seeing too many diet trends focused on gut health. Researchers are determined to find the association between Gut Health-Brain and Gut Health-Weight Management. Research studies reveal that a healthy balance of good bacteria in the body can ward off the health issues and manage weight control. Probiotics including yogurt and fermented foods such as kimchi and sauerkraut promote healthy bacterial balance in the gut.

6. Bowl Meals

The latest trend Bowl Meals, which includes Salad bowls, rice bowls, burrito bowls, smoothie bowls involves nutrient-rich whole foods, with loads of vegetables, legumes, whole grains, and fruits. However, eating bowl meals will not be effective for weight loss. If you aren’t cautious, your salad bowl may carry as many calories and fat as a cheeseburger. You need to always go easy on cheese, avocados, dressings and other higher calorie and fat choices, while you can include pile on the greens, chickpeas, and fresh peppers. Go for the Bowl Meals, but ensure you are eating the low-calories, high protein foods.

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