8 Weight Loss Mistakes You Must Stop Doing

8 Weight Loss Mistakes You Must Stop Doing

Are you doing everything to lose weight, and yet the weighing scale still shows the similar number and refusing to budge? Well, this happens sometimes, and the reasons are the common weight loss mistakes you may be making.

Nutrihealthline.com compiles 8 Mistakes that are ruining your goals when you’re trying to shed fat.

1. Lack of sleep

Sleep and adequate rest are important when you’re trying to lose weight. Lack of sleep will tire your body and fails to burn your calories. Appetite and hunger hormones are affected by the sleep you get. Getting a sleep of 8 hours is all the more necessary when you’re undergoing strenuous workouts.

2. Exercising too much

Exercise energizes you, but too much of it can stress you out. Studies have also found that people who spend extra hours in the gym were found to have eaten twice as much as their regular diet routine. Stop considering intense workouts as license to binge, and this will let you lose pounds.

3. Staying hungry

Do not let your body starve. Eat small portions of meals including fresh fruits, veggies or eggs that make you fuller for longer time. Do not always prefer Salads, as the cheese and fatty dressings can make it a high-calorie food. Don’t skip meals to save calories, as you may make your body undergo larger fluctuations in insulin and glucose and thereby resulting in additional fat gain than fat loss.

4. Eating too early

Dieticians recommend eating dinner by 7, but if you’re hitting the bed at 12, you’re body craves for late night snacks and you may give in to a Pizza or an ice-cream. So, it’s important to balance out your eat time and bedtime.

5. Counting calories seriously

Mindless eating is never good and dieticians thus suggest dieters to watch what they eat. While counting calories and keeping a food journal lets you know where you are going wrong with your weight loss program, it is also never good to take it quite seriously. Don’t begin counting calories seriously, and fail to enjoy the foods on your plate.

6. Not listening to your body

Listen to your body if it wants adequate rest or a cheat meal. Don’t neglect your body needs and mindlessly continue with strict diet and workout routine. If your sugar levels are dipping, have a sweet course, and if you had injury in workouts, take adequate rest. This makes you feel energized and motivates to continue with your weight loss plan.

7. Swapping Real foods

Relying on the weight loss pills, protein shakes, protein bars or multivitamin tablets will not help with long-term weight management. They are just for short-term plans. Don’t substitute real foods such as milk, walnuts, fish or leafy greens with calcium tablets or Omega 3 and Multi-vitamin pills.

8. Obsessed with Weight Loss

Constantly switching off to new diets and exercise programs or checking your weight multiple times in a week makes you feel burdened. If you’re stuck or obsessed with weight loss, you would stop enjoying your life pleasures, feel burdened and ultimately may give up. Start off with small healthy habits and this will make a huge difference.

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