These Belly Bullies goes right into your gut challenging your digestive system, causing inflammation and leading to instant fat gain. The deep fat tissue can further lead to some serious health woes such as heart disease, diabetes and Alzheimer’s.

Read on those six instant belly-fat foods you must avoid, and substitute them with alternatives that help you with healthy gut and a flatter stomach.

1. Chewing Gums

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Chewing Gum may be your regular habit, but too many sticks a day can give you bubble-belly says diet experts. Sugarless gums are packed with sorbitol, a sugar alcohol that can lead to bloating. Sorbitol takes longer time for digestion, and the undigested sorbitol causes fermentation of bacteria in small intestine leading to bloating and flatulence. Chewing Gums also trigger hunger hormones, making you crave for more foods.

Fix It  Chew gums that are not packed with artificial sweeteners or Cut out the gums entirely and prefer Dark Chocolate instead, which helps you lose weight.

2. French Fries

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What makes French Fries or Potato Chips bad for your belly is the lack of potential to make you full. The chips make you crave for more and you empty packets in no time. A research study has revealed that daily chips consumption alone can pack 4 pounds of belly flab on an average of 4 years. They’re saturated fats that cause abdominal fat gain.

Fix It  Opt for Homemade sweet potato fries instead as they contain far less saturated fats. Cut down the fries and eat a fruit packed salads.

3. Pizzas

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After Cheese, Pizzas are the second biggest provider of saturated fat, and these soft slices dole out the artery clogger. The saturated fats are most likely to be stored in the stomach, causing belly bloat. Also cut down packaged foods (trans fats), processed and high-fat cuts of meat and candies (Saturated fats).

Fix It  Try homemade pizzas to remain healthy, gluten-free while still indulging, as you have complete control over the toppings.

4. Diet Sodas

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Belly Fat is common result when you opt for traditional soda or a diet Soda. Sodas are packed with artificial sugars that spike your blood sugar and promote weight gain, especially around your abdominal area. Research studies claim that the diet sodas slow down to sense fullness, lacks satisfaction and increases chances of overeating. Also a combo of diet soda and burger or other junk foods will add up the calories and store the abdominal fat.

Fix It  Opt for Pure water, detox water, Coconut water or Herbal teas instead of the Diet Sodas.

5. Breakfast Muffins

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We appreciate that you have resisted the urge for glazed doughnuts and opted for the breakfast muffin at a coffee shop. But let us remind you that average breakfast muffin contains around 500 calories, which in turn contains more than half of daily sugar recommended intake. If you consume much sugar for breakfast, you may probably keep consuming sugary products all the day, ultimately pushing sugar limits.

Fix It  Eat diet muffins, as they pack less than 200 calories, or try opting for oats, fat free milk and dried fruit for breakfast.

6. Alcohol

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Almost all alcoholic beverages go to your belly straight, and so is the name Beer Belly. Alcohol slows down the body’s ability to burn fats and sugars by inhibiting lipid oxidation, and these fats settle in your waist, buttocks and other stubborn areas. Also, alcoholic beverages make you crave for solid food, and you may not be able to resist unhealthy food temptations.

Fix It  If you must indulge once in a while, choose two light beers or stick to a drink with low calorie mixer such as gin and tonic. Go for Red Wine, which has proved to be heart-healthy. However, remember moderation is the key when it comes to alcohol consumption.

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