Diet plan for weight loss for Indian night shift workers

Diet plan for weight loss for Indian night shift workers

Research Studies have shown a range of association between late-night eating and weight gain, and that your mid-night meals can hamper your weight loss goals. But skipping your dinner can be even worse. Wondering if there is a way to feed your hunger mid-night without packing those extra pounds? Yes, say Nutritionists With longer work hours and late-nights shifts, sometimes mid-night meals may be your only choice.

But worry not, since the diet experts say, it’s less about the time of the dinner and more about the foods you choose, to manage your weight. Here are some of the tips to avoid weight gain, if you have to eat late.

1. Cut the Carbs

Cut out a portion of rice, a baked potato or a pile of pasta at nights and you will reduce few hundred calories. Stick to serving of lean protein and a serving of fresh veggies and fruits, and include only small amount of carbs. Carbs cut-off strategy works for those who are on weight-loss goals.

2. Don’t Starve Yourself at Night

Don’t skip dinner and starve yourself, as depriving yourself will make you go crazy with cravings and disrupts your sleep. Allow yourself to have a smaller portion of meals, which includes high fiber and protein contents. Keep the Junk foods away, because they’ll make you crave for more and make you go out-of-control. “Going to bed with a growling stomach can make it difficult to fall asleep, or worse, increase the temptation to eat in the middle of the night if hunger disrupts sleep,” adds the diet experts.

3. Drink Plenty of Fluids

Stay Hydrated by drinking plenty of fluids, as it in turn treats your body well, by flushing out the toxins and boosting your immune system. Infuse your water with lemons or cucumbers, which adds flavour but doesn’t carry any calories. Stop your Caffeine intake four hours before your scheduled bedtime, to help your body wind down.

4. Best Foods to Eat

Late Night meals and Weight Gain associations depends on the foods you choose. It’s important to choose your foods when eating at late. Avoid eating at outlets or processed foods and go for home-made ones. Opt for fruits or vegetable juices, protein-rich foods, such as boiled eggs, sandwiches, salads, and trail mix containing nuts, seeds and dried fruit.

5. Get Adequate Sleep

People who sleep for the recommended seven to nine hours stay healthier and fit, and are less likely to suffer from Obesity, diabetes or other cardiovascular diseases. If a single period of rest isn’t possible with your work hours, then take short naps between your shits.

6. Exercise

Hitting the gym too late can mess with your sleep hours. So, try exercising moderately in morning hours, but if your schedule doesn’t allow hitting gym, then take brisk short walks, walk up and down stairs, or stretch before and after your shifts. This helps you not only burn calories, but makes you sleep better.

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