Most of the people gain extra weight in winters, and the reasons might indeed surprise you. Winter’s harsh temperatures might trap you, and our behaviour in colder months can creep up the number on the Weight Scale, and we end up wondering what’s with the tight jeans?

Here are some of the Reasons behind your Weight Gain in Winters and Nuttrihealthline helps you on how to beat the winter traps and avoid those extra pounds.

1. Feeling Down in winters

Yes, the winter blues! Being trapped with the shorter days and frigid temperatures can result in Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD), a syndrome which affects most people in winters, causing the sufferers to consume food more than the need. People with SAD consume more carbohydrates and sweets, and these high-calorie comfort foods make them gain those extra kilos.

The best tip to overcome the SAD is to exposure to the morning sunlight. Do yourself a favour by taking an outdoor jog in the sunlight, as exercise can lower the depressive symptoms. Opt for foods containing DHA, salmon and trout to lower the depression symtoms.

2. Eating Less Fruits and Veggies

With cool and harsh temperatures surrounding you, hot pizza, baked goodies and salty snacks seem to be better idea than the freshly picked fruits. With your body craving for the vitamins and minerals, and you opting for the processed foods to fill up your hunger can increase your pounds.

The best idea to beat the bulge is to consume lots of fruit and veggies to make your body absorb nutrients through healthy foods. Include citrus fruits, leafy greens, sweet corn, berries in your diet.

3. Exercising less in winters

The winter weather makes us less active. We rather curl up in blankets than hit the gym or go for a jog or swimming. People who are less active tend to eat more, and as a result prone to weight gain. The best thing to do is embrace indoor activities, if the weather is halting your normal outdoor workout routine. Moderate exercises or indulging in Yoga practice can boost up your immune system and fight off viral infections.

4. Too much Alcohol and Comfort Drinks

Alcohol and mixed drinks, hot chocolate seem heaven in chilled weather, but they put a halt to your fat loss program, and can quickly add pounds to you that will take weeks to burn those calories. How to fix it? Limit your alcohol intake, or reach for hot drinks or low-calorie drinks. Opt for a plain coffee or Herbal Teas or Chicken/Vegetables soups.

5. You’re Partying Harder

When the snow flies, most of us opt for comfort foods and drinks in parties than opting for lighter ones. In addition, most party foods are carbs or refined grains which are high on calories. The best thing to do is filling up your plate with low-calorie veggies or protein-packed foods, Salads, meat and roasted veggies, before going to heavy carbs in parties. We also suggest you to try eating more home-cooked foods than the processed and pre-made foods in the season.

6. Eating out of boredom

Yes, the mindless snacking can often happen in the colder temperatures. The extreme weather conditions may make you trap in your house, and to kill the boredom you end up playing your favourite TV show with a bowl of fries/cheesy popcorn, which seem to disappear within minutes of the show. Don’t make eating your favourite pastime, especially if you’re weight conscious. Distract yourself from your pantry and try doing other fun things.

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