The Biggest Cooking Calorie Bombs Causing Weight Gain

The Biggest Cooking Calorie Bombs Causing Weight Gain

Homemade foods not only let you be creative, but also help in giving you complete control on the nutrients your body receive. Cooked meals are healthier than the fast food meals, but only if nix those bad cooking mistakes that are leading to those unnecessary pounds.

Here are some easy-to-fix cooking mistakes to adopt to healthy eating, and save you from tons of additional calories.

1. Overdoing the Oil

Olive Oil is linked to healthy heart, while Coconut Oil can lower bad cholesterol and increase metabolism. However, the key to use any oil is moderation. Olive Oil contains 120 calories per glug, and the fries or salads can go up to 350 calories. Also if the oil gets heated past its smoke point, the fatty acids get degraded, produces toxins, free radicals and trans fats increasing the risks of cancer and cardiovascular diseases.

Limit the oil as much as you can to keep calories in check. Use a pastry brush to coat pan with oil, or pour your oil into spray bottle to get control over the quantity you use. Steam your veggies to cook before adding them to pan. The tricks sure reduce your calories intake.

2. Supersized Portion

Despite learning about the importance of Portion control, you go for supersized portions while cooking and you end up consuming hundreds of hidden calories, way more than your body required. How to Fix? If your recipe serves for 4 and you’re cooking for 2, try reducing your ingredients and estimate the serving sizes. You’ll get your serving size right with the practice.

3. Grilling Meat for too long

While the char-grilled steak is too delicious, it can be dangerous too. A research study published in the Journal of Epidemiology stated that people who consumed a lot of charred meat were found to be 47% increased risk of postmenopausal breast cancer than those who stayed away from grilled meats. How to fix it? Grill your meat for lesser time, and finish the cooking process in oven.

4. Relying on Salt and Fats for flavour

Well, we agree you want your dishes to be tasty, and you compare them with the fast foods. But be careful not to add too much of salt and fats to up your flavour content. It can lead to an addiction. A study published in the Food Addiction Institute stated that Salt, sugar and fat are mutually forcing addictive compounds. Salt and fatty foods make you crave for more than your body actually need, and you will be left with those unwanted pounds.

5. Nibbling while cooking

Consuming a handful of nuts or a slice of cheese in the process of your food preparation could mean that you’re just adding 100 or more calories, even before you start your dinner. Resist the urge to down a glass of wine or cheese cubes, nuts, or crackers while preparing the food. Such mindless munching ruins your weight loss goals.

6. Strictly sticking to Recipe

Following a traditional family recipe or a new recipe? Be little creative and swap the ingredients with healthy alternatives, rather blindly sticking to the ingredient list. By being a slave to the recipe, you are missing an opportunity to learn healthy tricks. A cup of cream can be replaced with Greek yogurt and Avocado puree, and the trick will cut down the calories and fats, making you healthy. Plus, you don’t need to be sacrificing the taste.

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