5 Strange Reasons Why You’re Gaining Weight

5 Strange Reasons Why You’re Gaining Weight

If your scale doesn’t reflect your healthy diet, there might be other unusual reasons you are packing on those extra pounds. Do you know that reasons such as hormonal imbalances to the stress or depression to the prescription medicines are associated to weight gain? Here are five such Normal reasons you’re gaining weight.

1. Second-hand Smoke

Being around smokers can be bad enough that the American Journal of Physiology has published the evidences of Weight Gain due to second-hand smoke. The lingering smoke triggers ceramide a small lipid that disrupts normal cell function, especially in children. Kids, who are in home with smokers, have higher risks of Weight Gain and Childhood Obesity issues. Avoid being around people who are smoking or convince them to quit smoking.

2. Night Shifts

Working in the night shifts burns fewer calories and thereby increasing your weight. Several research studies found a link between the Sleep deprivation and Obesity. When you’re sleep deprived, you’re more likely to crave food high in fat and this can lead to excess calories. Lack of sleep can make your body end up getting surplus of glucose, which contributes to weight gain. So, Shift workers need to get the needed 7-9 hours of sleep in day time, and an hour of aerobic exercise. Ensure you get plenty of water and fiber by including fruits, vegetables, whole grains and beans in diet.

3. Lack of Gut Bacteria

Leave aside calories, but the imbalance of gut bacteria can lead to weight gain. The ecosystem in our guts has a significant influence on weight and digestive health. To keep gut bacteria healthy and weight in check, include fiber-content foods and probiotics. A healthy digestive system can help you fight off sickness, improve your metabolism.

4. Antibiotics

Antibiotics cause significant weight gain, and it is a clinical reality. Children exposed to antibiotics are likely to become overweight in later phases of their lives. Antibiotics damage mitochondria, which convert food into energy to burn the calories. Damaging mitochondria can lead to excess weight gain. Antibiotics are one of the factors behind the changes in intestinal bacteria in humans.

5. Stress packs extra pounds

If you are constantly dealing with stress or feeling depressed, there are higher chances for you to pack those extra pounds. Cortisol, a hormone is released due to stress and if it is chronically elevated, it can lead to abdominal fat. Let your cortisol levels be under control, by doing activities that alleviate stress. We suggest you to practice Yoga or Meditation.

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