Bipolar Symptoms In Women

What is Bipolar Disorder? – This is a condition in which one experiences varying emotional changes. Everyone experiences fluctuating mood changes. The difference between a healthy individual and one who has the disorder is that the latter experiences extreme changes; from highly manic feelings on one end, to significantly low moods and feelings of depression on the other side.

How Does Bipolar Disorder Manifest Itself in Women?

There are several behavioral symptoms of this disorder.
Symptoms of manic depression are varied, depending on the severity of the disorder. There are three categories of bipolar disorder: Bipolar I, Bipolar II and Cyclothymic disorders. The Bipolar I ailment is the most severe of the three. During the mood changes, in the manic phase, one feels intense euphoria and unexplained urges to indulge in risky activities. For instance, a woman may feel inclined to involve herself in a sexual activity. She may also engage herself in a shopping spree, spending immense amounts of cash in trivial things. She may write a resignation letter to her boss, letting them know what she really thinks about them.

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The most pronounced bipolar symptoms in women is inflated self esteem, coupled with vibrancy in talking and restlessness. They might have bouts of insomnia and they feel less inclined to sleep. A woman may also feel like eating compulsively, and veer from the normal behavioral pattern.

The depression side of the bipolar I disorder is even more severe. After the activities engaged in the previous phase, an overriding feeling of the inverse nature. As opposed to feeling euphoric, the next bipolar symptoms in women is that of overwhelming depression coupled with regret. The woman in the previous scenario might feel trapped and betrayed after the escapades of the manic period. She may loathe themselves for extravagance and being jobless. She will most likely have dark thoughts, including committing suicide.

Low self -worth feelings are common. The woman may have lack of interest in the normal activities she undertakes daily. She may feel sluggish, unable to maintain a conversation and deem herself an ultimate failure in life. This may be aggravated by the suicidal tinge of the disorder, motivated by activities she previously undertook. Without proper reactions from those around her, she may attempt acting on her thoughts.

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Bipolar II disorder

This disorder is less severe as compared to the first. The feelings of maniacal euphoria are less pronounced and are not too overwhelming to to hamper the normal daily routine of the woman in question. The hypo-mania is also occasional, punctuated by some cases of irritable feelings here and there. The hyper – mania, or the high emotional periods, are indeed productive if put to use. It even lasts longer than the hypo – mania.

Cyclothymic Disorder

This is the mildest of the disorders. The most common sign that a woman may be suffering from the disorder is that of disruptive depression feelings. Other than this, all the other mood fluctuations she may experience are that which a healthy individual may experience. Indeed, the manic phase of the fluctuations may pass off unnoticed.

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