Worried about sweat stains? Easy Hacks to prevent them

Worried about sweat stains? Easy Hacks to prevent them

Sweating is a biological function, and it prevents from overheating and this makes your body cool itself. However, Sweat stains can be unpleasant and embarrassing, especially if you are genetically predisposed to heavy sweating.

Instead of worrying about the stains on your laundry, try preventing the stains with these easy hacks. Nutrihealthline lists some hacks to prevent sweat stains.

1. Protect With Sweat Pads

Use the Sweat Pads by affixing it to the area of the shirt under your arm on each side, and it can absorb the sweat and block it from your clothing. They are referred as dress shields, underarm shields, or underarm pads. There are disposable shields as well as reusable shields in the market, which will helps soaking up the sweat and keep your skin dry.

2. Switch to an Antiperspirant

Wear Antiperspirant, along with your deodorants to prevent sweat by blocking sweat ducts. You can try out the basic over-the-counter antiperspirant or a clinical strength antiperspirant. Apply the antiperspirant to dry skin twice- morning and before going to bed.

3. Opt for Talcum Powder

Before your sweat soaks up your clothes and stains them, talcum powder helps in absorbing it all. Also, it acts as astringent and helps in controlling the sweat. Wear loose clothing made of natural fibres like cotton, linen and wool can also be helpful.

4. Shave arm pits regularly

Shave regularly to avoid the sweat accumulating in your armpits by washing away all the bacteria. Keeping the area clean will avoid the unpleasant smell and prevents any stains. Clean it with wet or dry wipes, as it works well in controlling the sweat and keeping you fresh.

5. Consult your doctor for a prescription

Consult your dermatologist for prescriptions and medications to deal with the excess sweat. They may prescribe oral medications, known as anticholinergics that control sweating. You may also consider treatments like Botox shots, miraDry or surgical treatments to prevent the body from triggering sweat glands and block the excess sweat.

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