Top 6 Makeup Mistakes you should avoid

Top 6 Makeup Mistakes you should avoid

In hope of looking your best, you may be doing some biggest makeup blunders that can sometimes make you look older than your age, or can make you look as scary as ghost. Applying makeup can have great effect on the way you look, and the makeup products, the makeup tools and the right technique everything matters.

Here are some of the most common, yet worst makeup mistakes you might be doing, and Nutrihealthline offers easy tips on rectifying your makeup blunders.

1. Mismatched foundation Shade

Wearing a wrong foundation shade, say a shade lighter than their match make women look flat and lifeless, while a shade darker can make them look heavy and aged. So, get the foundation that matches your skin. Always test your foundation on your jaw line in day lights, and if it disappears into the skin, it’s the right shade for you. Don’t forget to wear foundation on neck along with your face.

2.  Heavy Makeup on Eyes

Unless you’re going clubbing, don’t always go on heavy eye shadows, and jittery eyeliners. Opt for brown, navy, or violet shades which can be flattering than bolder reds, blues or too many bold colors at a time. The key however is the right blending. Go for natural colors for the day, while smokey and shimmery effects during nights. Dab a bit of concealer and blend it before the makeup to hide any dark circles.

3. Over-powdering your face

Over-powdering can make your face look dry, white and cakey, and within hours, it tends to settle in fine lines and wrinkles. Rather than adding any radiance to your face, it will only make you look age-old. Instead of brushing off powder all your face, use it where it is needed like T-zone, and the other shiny areas to create the satiny-matte finish. Use blotting papers to remove excess makeup.

4. A Lipstick that is too dark

Picking up bold and trendy lipsticks is not a blunder, but few of the dark colors can make your lips look smaller, less plump, and less highlighted. Always try on several shades, before you pick one. The safest bet is going for a mauve or pink tone, as they make you look youthful and adds your lips fullness. Few matte lipsticks can make your lips dry. Use a lip-balm to moisturize your lips prior lipstick.

5. Wrong Shade of Blush

Choose the shade of colour that adds radiance and youthfulness to your face. Don’t just opt for a brown shade, which can end up making you look dull and grimy. Few women pick blushes that are too subtle in colour that hardly shows up on their cheeks. Such colours can wash you out and age you as well. For the right shade of blush, pinch your cheeks slightly and match that colour with the blush you purchase. Make sure to apply the blush on apples of your cheeks and blending back towards the temples.

6. Not defining your brows or Shading them dark

Eyebrows define your face, and they can enhance your eyes and your entire look. Not filling them in with a pencil or brow powder can make you look washed out, no matter how better your makeup is. The best tip is to go with a shade lighter than your hair color and fill them up with feather-light strokes.

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