Too Many Selfies can damage your skin, warns Dermatologists

Too Many Selfies can damage your skin, warns Dermatologists

Selfie-Addicts, beware! Exposing the skin regularly to the light and electromagnetic radiation from Smartphones causes damage to skin and speeds up the ageing process, warns Dermatologists.

Skin experts are even claiming that they can tell which hand a person holds their phone to click the selfies, basing on which side of their face most damaged. Simon Zoakei, Medical Director of the Linia Skin Clinic in the UK said, “Those who take a lot of selfies and bloggers should worry. Even the blue light we get from our screens can damage our skin.”

The electromagnetic radiation emitted from the mobile phones and Tablets can speed up your ageing process by causing damage. Taking too many selfies leads to breaks in the DNA strand, thereby causing the oxidative stress on cells, ultimately promoting wrinkles. The light from the phone may also develop dark spots and there are evidences that the visible light revs up pigment production, promote breakdown of collagen causing dark spots and wrinkles.

Zein Obagi, who founded the Obagi Skin health Institute in the US, “You will slowly witness the dull dirty looking texture that you cannot identify on one side of the face. I think we need to create a defence mechanism, light has some sort of magnetic think that is happening to the skin. This magnetic field is altering the minerals in the skin. A sunscreen will not protect you.”

Dr Obagi further added, “You cannot hydrate the skin from the outside. We have to stimulate the skin to bring back hydration from within. When you put your hand in the water for half an hour you see it white and crinkly you don’t see any more hydration. There is a reason that women have more problems with sensitive skin than men. It’s because women use products.”

So, limit your time in front of your computers and cell phones to avoid damage to the skin that causes premature skin aging and even skin cancer. Use skin products containing vitamin C, retinol, licorice and other antioxidants to protect from Hyper-pigmentation.

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