Tips to deal with Dry Skin

Tips to deal with Dry Skin

Facing flaky, itchy, rough scaly patches due to dry skin? Lack of moisture and harsh winter weathers can worsen your skin. But worry not, as we bring you the Most Effective Remedies to deal with the dry skin woes. Take a Look…

1. AHA moisturizers

Skin experts and dermatologists rave about alpha hydroxy acids (AHAs) moisturizers, as they banish the dry, dead, crusty, scaly skin. AHAs are taken from milk, fruit, or sugarcane, and they fill in the moisture in your skin. Dry-skinned people should prefer thicker moisturizers. Light and water based products don’t help them in any way.

2. No to Steamy Showers

Steamy showers feel good on skin, but too much of hot water dries up your skin further. Hot showers can strip away the natural oils of your skin, which are essential to keep your skin smooth and moist. Short and warm showers are better than long and hot showers. Pat dry your skin with a towel then rubbing it over, after the shower. Moisturize immediately after the shower for better results.

3. Soapless Cleansers

Dermatologists recommend soapless and fragranceless cleansers for those suffering from dry flaky skin. They can be gentle and smooth on your skin, locking the needed moisture. Products with fragrance and antibacterial additives can be harsh. Opt for cleansers with ceramides, which can retain the moisture and protects the outer barrier of your skin. Don’t opt for alcohol-based toners or peeled products, which can be drying.

4. Oiling and Healing Baths

An Olive/Almond oil face treatment can help. Using a cotton ball, pat some almond oil on your face, especially the rough patchy areas and under the eyes. Keep it for few minutes, and wipe of the oil using a damp cloth. The oil gets soaked into your skin giving a nourishing and moisturizing effect.

Also apply olive oil on hands, elbows, knees and legs  let it soak into your skin for 15 minutes and take a warm bath. Alternatively, adding a spoonful of almond or Jojoba oil to your bath can moisturize your skin.

5. The Night Care for Cure

It’s important to take overnight care for skin, and this is not limited to dry skinned beauties. Cleanse tone, moisturize and apply serum before going to bed, and this will show a remarkable difference. Oiling your skin with almond oil in nights can also make your skin hydrated.  Wear gloves to your hands and socks over your cracked heels before going to bed in winters.

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