Sunscreen Mistakes You Should Avoid

Sunscreen Mistakes You Should Avoid

Read on the most common sunscreen mistakes people make and here are some easy fixes on how to protect your skin from Ageing, Skin Cancer and other skin related ailments.

1. Applying Sunscreen only when heading outside

Be it a rainy or summer season, sunscreen must be part of 365 days a year routine. Don’t wear it just when you are heading outside or heading to beaches. The Sun rays can still reach you even on a cloudy day or if you are heading in a car. Apply a sunscreen everyday with at least SPF 15.

2. Not Using Sunscreen Enough

Use the perfect amount of sunscreen to cover your entire body to protect from the UV radiation. You also need to reapply the product every few hours, since it gets absorbed to the skin, if you’re staying in the sun. Sweating or swimming can wear off sunscreen often, and you need to reapply every few hours. Ensure the product is soaked in to the skin.

3. Relying on Sunscreen in Makeup

Multitasking products such as two-in-one foundation/sunscreen seem handy, but dermatologists say it doesn’t work that way. The SPF in moisturizers or foundation is usually not enough to protect the skin against UV radiation, especially in summers. It’s always better to use a separate sunscreen product, besides your makeup for the best protection.

4. Only dabbing the sunscreens

Less is not more, when you’re talking about sunscreens. Don’t just dab a little amount, but slather it on your skin to cover the whole body and let it soak in. Skin experts agree that Sunscreens always require more product than you put on. It’s also important to apply sunscreens even if you stay indoors, as the fluorescent lights used in offices can also emit UV radiation.

5. Wearing an Old Sunscreen

If you don’t have habit of applying sunscreen regularly, the expensive product lie in your Make up bag or your beach vacation bag for an year or so, and you later start using the expired product. Throw away the expired cosmetics or sunscreens, even if you have bought them with lot of bucks. Also, do not use sunscreen products if you have placed them in hot places like the glove compartment for months, as the heat causes active ingredients to break down and it can eventually harm your skin

6. Counting only on Sunscreen for Protection

Sunscreens shouldn’t be your only defence against sun damage, as it cannot block out the 100 percent of the sun’s UVB rays. It cannot totally protect from sun and so, opt for a hat, sunglasses and protective clothing for protection. It is advisable to stay away from sun during the intense hours to stay protected from UV rays, wrinkles, sunburns, facial browns, premature ageing.

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