The Best sunscreen for Cricketers

The Best sunscreen for Cricketers

Cricketers are at high risk of sun burn as they spent most of the time in hot sun out doors whether it is practising or a match.Sunburn is not only painful ,it can lead to early skin ageing ,wrinkles,blotchiness and skin discolouration.Long exposure to sun can also lead to skin cancer.Skin cancer is one of the most common type of cancer.

A little amount of sun exposure without any protection can also cause skin damage.Usage of sports sunscreen for cricketers before stepping out doors help combat skin damage and problems.Sunscreen protects the skin by absorbing or reflecting harmful sun rays.Here we help you to know the best sunscreen for cricketers that provide long lasting affect.

According to American academy of Dermatology the best way to use sport sunscreen is by applying 30 minutes before stepping out doors and even on cloudy days.Choose a sunscreen that has SPF (sun protection factor)15 or more .The more is the SPF the better is the protection.Apply sunscreen every two hours to maximise the effect.Choose the sunscreen that protects you from both UVA and UVB rays,look for label broad spectrum and water resistant so that even during sweating the skin is protected.Check for sunscreen brands that have the skin cancer foundation seal of recommendation.This seal is given for products that prevent sun induced skin damage.

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The following are list of sport sunscreens that carry the seal from skin cancer foundation.

  •  Banana Boat UltraMist Sport Performance Continuous Spray Sunblock SPF 30
  •  Coppertone SPORT Sunscreen Stick SPF 30
  •  Hawaiian Tropic Sport SPF 45
  •  NO-AD Sport SPF 50 Active Sunblock Lotion
  •  Ocean Potion Oil Free Sport Xtreme Sunblock SPF 30
  •  Rite Aid SPF 30 Sport Continuous Spray

Apart from these sunscreens the American Academy Of Dermatology has its own seal of recognition for Dermatologist approved sunscreens like Aveeno Continuous Protection Sun block SPF 55 Mederma Cream Plus SPF 30 Choose the right sunscreen as they come in different forms like sprays ,lotions,sticks,creams depending on needs and easy application.Unlike sunscreen use accessories like sunscreen lip balm and chap sticks to protect sensitive lips.Go for Chap stick ultra SPF 30 or Hawaiian Tropic aloe Vera Sunscreen lip balm 45 +.

Hope the list of sport sunscreen for cricketers will be of great use in choosing the right long lasting sunscreen that protects skin from damage and harmful sun rays.

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