Skin and Hair Care Tips For Swimmers

Skin and Hair Care Tips For Swimmers

Swimming not only helps you beat the heat, but helps in toning your entire body and blesses you with lean figure. However, these benefits come with some of the skin and hair issues. Few sessions of swimming makes you complain of dry skin, sunburns, rashes, damaged hair and hair discoloration woes.

Nutrihealthline has compiled few simple tips of Skin Care and Hair Care for Swimmers. So, next time before you jump in the pool, make sure you follow the tips.

Take Shower Prior/After Swimming

Taking shower prior or after swimming is the first skin care step to take, as it helps reduce the amount of chlorine that is absorbed by your skin and hair while swimming. The shower water keeps your skin moist. Do not rub your body with a towel too vigorously, after you shower, and instead pat dry with the towel.

Protect your skin

Ensure to keep your skin protected from the sun. Use a sunscreen with both UVA and UVB protection before stepping in Pool. Choose a waterproof, sweat free, oil-free sunscreen that offers all-day skin care protection. If you are swimming under sun, apply the sunblock every hour, and give your skin at least 20 minutes to absorb sunscreen before stepping in water. Along with the sunscreen lotion, pick a hat, sun glasses and a sarong too.


Long swimming sessions in chlorinated water can cause rashes, dry skin woes. So, ensure you moisturize your skin well, before and after swimming. Apart from a sunscreen, it is essential to use a good moisturizer. Apply the lotion on damp skin after the bath, as it helps to keep dryness problem at bay.


Exercising can make your body lose water and causes dehydration. Swimming is also a form of physical activity, and is no exception. Sip water before swimming to retain the body’s natural moisture, while flushing out the contaminants of pool chemicals. Health Experts suggest to drink 20 ounces of water before swimming. Also, sip water every fifteen to twenty minutes after swimming.

Shower Caps, Eye gear, Ear gear

To protect your eyes from various chemicals, and to avoid any damage to eyes and hair, wear Eye gear, Ear gear and shower caps. Ear plugs can help you from any fungal infections caused due to harsh chemicals. Rinsing the hair with lemon juice or vinegar after your swimming sessions can prevent damage for hair.

Clean Swimming Pools

Make sure the swimming pool you go for is clean and free of other chemicals. Try to avoid going to pools that are not cleaned regularly, since you may end up with infections or diseases.

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