7 Vegetable and Fruit Peels For Skin Care

7 Vegetable and Fruit Peels For Skin Care

We have earlier posted articles on best foods for skin and fruits for skincare, but do you know about Vegetable and Fruit Peels For Skin? Yes, fruits and vegetable peels can actually beautify your skin and help whiten the skin. So, here are the 7 listed Peels For Skin Care.

1. Carrot Peel for wrinkle-free skin

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Carrot is rich in minerals and Vitamin A, which helps nourish your skin as well as improve complexion. Carrots alone are not the best foods for beautiful skin, but its peel works wonders in treating the wrinkles. Whenever you use carrots, use the peel by placing them on the wrinkle-affected area preferably twice a week, and you’s ll soon witness the difference.

2. Potato Peel to reduce dark circles

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Not just potatoes but the peel also works wonders to get rid of dark circles. In fact, potato skin has more fiber, iron, potassium and B vitamins than the flesh and it benefits your skin in several ways. Place the underside of them on each eye for around ten minutes and the enzyme ‘catecholase’ helps reduce dark circles or puffy eyes.

3. Orange Peel for whiter teeth

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Fruit Peels such Orange Peels can whiten your teeth. The acid on the peel will help to brighten them. All you have to do is rub the inner part of the peel gently on the teeth for few minutes. Rinse off and brush your teeth. Repeat the step once in two days to get the whiter looking teeth.

4. Peach Peel for face scrub

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How to get flawless skin naturally? Try Peach Peels For Skin Care. Save your peach peel whenever you eat them, and add a little amount of sugar to gently scrub your face with it. It not only removes dead skin cells but revitalizes skin and keeps it hydrated.

5. Radish peel for blackheads removal

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Eating radish in salads with butter sounds delicious, but it is also best foods for skin. You can use radish peel to treat blackheads on nose. The high amounts of Vitamin B6 in radish helps soften the skin as well as remove the irritating blackheads when massaged on the skin.

6. Lemon peel for skin lightening

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Face bleaching creams are quite harsh on screen at times. Try Natural skin peel, especially lemon peel that works as best alternative to bleach your face to perfection and remove tan. Rubbing lemon peel on face can also lighten the skin.

7. Banana peel to treat acne

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Why spend lots of money on acne products when the easily available banana peel can do the best job. Banana peel works great for enhancing beauty of skin. Rub the banana peel on the acne and blemishes for few seconds, and wash it off. Try it regularly for a couple of weeks to treat acne and lighten the blemishes.

Got to know about the Natural Peels For Skin Care? Go ahead try out these 7 Vegetable and Fruit Peels For Skin Care

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