Natural Hair and Skin Care- 7 Beauty Routine Mistakes to avoid

Natural Hair and Skin Care- 7 Beauty Routine Mistakes to avoid

Love to follow Beauty Routine with Natural Hair and Skin care tips? If your skin is suffering from acne or premature signs of aging or wrinkles or age spots or bad skin or frizzy hair, then you might be doing some Beauty Routine mistakes which you should avoid at all costs.

1. Sleeping with Makeup On

Even if you’re too exhausted or tired at the end of the day, you must wash off your makeup before hitting the bed. Sleeping with Makeup on can damage your skin by making skin look dull, clog pores and cause break-outs, while not removing your eye makeup can lead to brittle eye lashes, redness, irritation and eye infections. Go for a good makeup remover or Jojoba Oil or any other natural oils to remove the makeup. Follow it up with mild cleanser.

2. Ignoring Split Ends

Do not tear away those split ends, as they restrain the hair growth and makes your hair look unhealthy. Split ends are caused due to lack of moisture at the ends of your hair. This further leads to hair breakage and thinning of strands. All you have to do is trim off the split ends. Go for hair cut or hair trimming to fix the split ends problems. Most hair salons offer services to split ends.

3. Using Too Hot Water

Hot water bath looks like a bliss, but the after affects of it can be bad. Hot showers can strip your skin of natural oils and make your skin dry and hair rough. They damage your hair roots which can lead to breakage and hair loss. So, avoid too hot showers and prefer bath with lukewarm water. Use normal water to clean your hair, as cold water seals the moisture and make your hair strands look healthier and shiny.

4. Popping Pimples

Don’t try to use your own strategies to drain a pimple and ultimately end up popping and squeezing them, thereby making your skin worse. Squeezing a pimple causes infection by enlarging the pore, and leaving scars. Try washing your face with a clean washcloth and use an acne medication, such as a spot treatment creams. Don’t often touch them. To keep your skin acne-free, apply a thin layer of acne medication on the area where pimples tend to occur and not just on your pimple marks.

5. Applying Sunscreen only when Heading Out

Be it a rainy or summer season, sunscreen must be part of 365 days a year routine. Don’t wear it just when you are heading outside or heading to beaches. The Sun rays can still reach you even on a cloudy day or if you are heading in a car. Apply a sunscreen everyday with at least SPF 15.

6. Wrapping Wet Hair in Towel

Wrapping your hair immediately in towel after shower can cause hair damage or breakage. Do not wrap the towel tightly as it causes tension on the hair follicles and leads to hair loss. All you have to do is gently squeeze out the excess water from your hair after washing your hair. Use a cotton T-shirt instead of a towel to wrap your hair. Also use wide-tooth comb to detangle the knots and allow it to air-dry

7. Testing Too Many Products Same Time

Trying to find the product that works for you, and to finalize one, testing out some bunch of products at the same time. Well, you need to stop that. Using too many products on your skin at same time can cause irritation and inflammation on the skin, further damaging the skin. Also do not try too many shampoos and hairstyling products. Stick to products that work for you. Try out the natural skin care products and avoid harsh chemical-based products. When you are testing new products, it is suggested to test on small patch of skin on your arm before applying them on your face.

Follow Natural Hair and Skin care products and cosmetics, and avoid the Beauty Routine Mistakes for a healthy skin and hair.

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