6 ways to make your hands look 10 years younger

6 ways to make your hands look 10 years younger

Daily moisturizing your hands and feet may not be enough to keep them young, supple and beautiful. You should incorporate sunscreens, exfoliating scrubs and anti-aging products along with moisturizers to keep your hands and feet from revealing your age. Bitten nails, hangnails, and rough scaly skin show others that you are not taking care of them enough. Read on 6 simple tips and tricks to keep your hands young and beautiful

1. Follow a skin care routine

It’s not enough if you follow skin care routine just for your face and neck. Establish a routine for your hands, feet and body as well. Protect them against environment by keeping them moisturized throughout the day. Wear gloves and protect yourself from sun damage. The skin around your hands is quite thin and causes aging, if you don’t protect them enough.

2. Use Sun-screens

Sun damage can cause premature aging, and make your hands look older than your age. Try to stay away from sun rays, or apply sunscreen with SPF 30 on a daily on days you are exposed to sun. Treat your hands the way you treat your face, say Skin experts.

3. Treat Spots

UV light can result in the liver spots that appear across the skin. If you are suffering from the age spots or dark spots, use anti-aging hand creams with brightening ingredients, be it kojic acid, Vitamin C, licorice. You can also apply Roc Multi-Correxion Night Treatment before going to bed to treat the blemishes.

4. Moisturize cuticles

Nails need ample care to make them look clean and young. Rub petroleum jelly, cuticle oil, coconut oil or baby oil on nails and buff them with cotton for natural shine. Massage nails thrice a week to keep them soft yet strong and preventing from breakage. Soak them in warm water every other day for 20 minutes to keep them clean. Trim and file your nails, before applying nail enamel. Invest in a good pair of clippers, emery boards, cuticle creams, and hand lotions, and ensure you don’t share these tools with others.

5. Natural Remedies

Apart from drug-store based products and creams, use natural homemade packs and scrubs for smooth hands or for regaining the complexion you lost. To get rid of tan, apply lemon and sugar mixture and scrub it off. A mix of raw milk, lemon juice and honey can give a glowing look to your hands and feet.

6. Stretch Out

As you age, your hands look fat and wrinkled. Stretch out your hands daily for 10 minutes. Pull your fingers slowly, as your muscles relax. Exercising can tone your arms and make you lose arm fat, besides improving your blood circulation.

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