How to Minimize Your Pores? 5 Ways to make your pores look smaller

How to Minimize Your Pores? 5 Ways to make your pores look smaller

Thanks to the amazing skin care tips and tricks, you can make your large pores appear smaller and almost disappear. While it’s not that easy to get rid of them, it’s not impossible too. Excess sun exposure, Clogged pores, Aging can elongate your pores which ultimately causes increased pores size.

Here are skincare tips to help shrink visible pores and earn blemish-free and clear skin.

1. Cleanse and Tone your skin regularly

When dirt clogs pores, they become larger and cause trouble. So, washing you face every morning when you wake up and every evening before hitting bed is important, as it controls oil levels, and removes all dirt, makeup and other debris. Try to pick cleansers that offer sebum control. Make it part of your daily skin care regimen to wash your face twice and use a toner immediately.

2. Opt for Non-Comedogenic makeup

Non-Comedogenic makeup products are tested to show that they do not block the pores. Look for makeup products that are labelled non-comedogenic, as they help you in controlling the pores size. Use primer before foundation to can camouflage their appearance. There are also ‘blurring’ foundations and concealers available in the market.

3. Go for Sunscreens

We all know sunscreen protect our skin from UV rays, and SPF is an integral part of your skincare routine. UV radiation can harm collagen and elastin, and this causes larger pores. Best way to prevent your pores from becoming larger is using a good sunscreen and protecting yourself from the sun. Reapply sunscreen every three hours for maximum protection.

4. Exfoliate Skin

Apart from your CTM routine, go for exfoliation twice the week to protect yourself from dirt, excess oil and makeup getting lodged into your pores. Exfoliating your skin eliminates the dead skin cells from your face. Dy Skin people must exfoliate less while oily skin people may wish to exfoliate more. Ensure you apply a moisturizer after exfoliation to prevent your skin looking dry.

5. Stay Cool and Hydrated

Heading out in hot temperatures and exposing your skin to sun or taking very hot baths can open up your pores. Try to splash cool water on your face and use some ice cubes wrapped in a cloth on your face after exfoliation. It not only relaxes you but also helps your pores and skin, by shrinking your pores and plumping up the surrounding skin.

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