6 Foods to Eat for Healthy, Glowing Skin

6 Foods to Eat for Healthy, Glowing Skin

Glowing healthy skin is everyone’s desire especially women.They spend lot of money on products that are packed with full of chemicals to adore their skin and look beautiful.But they forget that beauty comes from inside out.It all depends on what’s on your platter.Try these amazing foods easily available to make your skin look younger,healthier and glowing.Follow the tips for a healthy skin.

Tips for healthy skin

The condition of our skin is influenced by the nutrition we take and our life style .Prolonged exposure to sun ,drinking too much caffeine,alcohol and consuming more sugary products affects our skin over time and make it look dull and lead to premature ageing.To combat these problems follow these tips for a healthy skin.


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Tomatoes taken in any form either puréed or sauce can help in fighting harmful sun rays as they are packed with antioxidants.Lycopene a phytochemical found in tomatoes helps in defending skin from UV rays that cause skin damage and cancer over time .Consume tomatoes 3-5 a week to make your skin look healthier and acne free.


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Carrots rich in carotene and vitamin A antioxidant helps in reducing development of skin cancer cells.It helps in clearing acne and good for eyes too.

Green tea

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Green tea is a good source of antioxidants that helps in fighting premature ageing by reducing DHT hormone that causes acne breakout..Brew 3-4 cups of green tea a day for a glowing healthier skin.


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Berries such as blue berries and cherries that are deep coloured are packed with more antioxidants that help body in fight blemishes for a glowing skin.It is one of the skin glow food.

Fish and sea food

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Consuming oily fish like salmon,mackerel,sardines are found to help in combat premature ageing .These fish and sea food are rich sources of essential fatty acids called omega 3 fats which aim in skin looking younger,hydrated and supple.It acts as an anti wrinkle agent.Make sure you have 2-3 portions of fish a week for a healthy ,hydrated skin.


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Nuts like walnuts,brazil nuts,almonds are packed with healthy fats and rich sources of Vitamin E.This vitamin E helps acts as an active sun blocker protecting skin from harmful UV rays.These nuts are also rich in minerals that helps skin blemish free,younger and supple.Nuts are a one of the best foods for a healthy glowing skin.

Low GI(Glycemic Index)

Consuming low GI foods helps in regulating hormones that cause skin wrinkles and premature ageing. Going for whole grain food like brown rice,whole wheat bread,oats instead of more sugary and processed foods will help for a healthy skin.

Eating more green leafy veggies like kale ,spinach,dark coloured fruits like berries,carotene rich foods like carrots ,sweet potatoes,preferring omega 3 fat foods and keeping self hydrated by avoiding caffeine ,high sugary things will help in achieving a beautiful,healthier and glowing skin.Follow the tips for a healthy skin by adding more of the foods discussed above to look younger and glowing.

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