Dark Circles Under Eyes?4 Makeup Tips Hide Under-Eye Circles

Advertisements – Dark circles? Well we all tend to experience them and try out our best ways to get rid of them or cover up these under-eye circles.  But how to cover the Dark Circles effectively?

Here are 4 Makeup Tips to conceal the dark circles

1. Apply Eye Cream

Start by applying eye cream, made specifically for reducing eyes puffiness and dark circles. Try products containing kojic acid, liquorice, retinol, vitamin C and vitamin K as they can even out pigmentation and increase skin thickness. Follow it up with an eye primer.

2. Apply Foundation

If your dark circles are moderate, foundation may be all you need. Apply foundation before you conceal. Dot the product around your eyes and pat it with the beauty blender rather than rubbing it or wiping it.

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3. Go For Concealer

Go for a concealer which is a shade lighter than your foundation. Dot the concealer with the brush along the dark circles, pat it along. Apply it under inner corners of eyes and along sides of the nose. Pat, blend and press it with fingertips to cover up. In case you have extreme dark circles, use an orange corrector to brighten the area and later use the concealer.

4. Set it with Powder

Let your concealer set into skin. You can go for another coat, if you feel there is still darkness. But go for a light application. Set it lightly with powder by dusting it under eyes, so that doesn’t settle into fine lines or creasing. Curl your lashes and apply mascara to only top lid. When you have heavy dark circles, try drawing attention to your lips than eyes, by opting for a dark lip shade.


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