Cocoa butter benefits for skin

Cocoa butter benefits for skin

Cocoa butter is an essential ingredient for cake-baking and chocolate making, but do you know that it promotes your health and adds to your beauty? Cocoa butter can either be consumed or applied topically, and can be found in most of cosmetics including lip gloss, skin lotions and other beauty ointments. Here are the 5 Cocoa butter benefits for skin and how to apply cocoa butter for face.

1. Cocoa Butter prevents Dry Skin

Cocoa Butter is an excellent remedy for healing dry, cracked skin, thanks to the Natural hydrating ingredients in it. It is suitable for all skin types and is free of additives, fragrances, colors and dyes. Try mixing cocoa butter with oils such as argan, castor or jojoba oil or even essential oils and apply it on skin to treat or prevent dryness and peeling.

2. Cocoa Butter fights ageing

Cocoa butter for face- The cocoa mass polyphenols in Cocoa butter is found to have delayed the ageing signs as well as soothe sensitive skin. With loads of antioxidants, Cocoa Butter has the potential to fight various chronic diseases, degeneration of the skin, sensitivities and promote skin health be it improved skin elasticity and skin tone, better collagen retention/production, and hydration.

3. Cocoa Butter as skin healer

Cocoa butter is widely known to be a natural treatment for eczema or dermatitis, and treat Burns, Rashes and Infections. It is gentle and soothes the skin. All you have to do is rub a small amount of pure cocoa butter on the affected areas to help skin replenish and rejuvenate. Ensure the cocoa butter you choose is free of alcohol, fragrances/perfumes or other additives

4. Cocoa Butter for Stretch Marks

Benefits of cocoa butter include stretch marks reduction. Several women claim that regular use of cocoa butter can help get rid of the stretch marks. You must have also noticed anti-stretch mark cocoa butter products in the markets. Cocoa Butter also helps heal the scars and reduce pigmentation as well.

5. Cocoa Butter as sunscreen

Try cocoa butter for skin as sunscreen lotion. You may have come across shea butter being used for sun protection, but do you know that Cocoa Butter can also be used as natural sunscreen? Yes cocoa butter can be used as sunscreen, though don’t expect it to provide too much protection.

Now that you learnt the cocoa butter benefits for skin, go ahead and add the versatile ingredient to your beauty routine. What are your favorite cocoa butter benefits?

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