7 Best Banana Peel Benefits

7 Best Banana Peel Benefits

You may have already heard of Banana benefits for hair and Banana for skin whitening, but have you ever heard of its peel uses? If you’re throwing out the Banana peel that are loaded with full of antioxidants, antifungal, antibacterial and enzymatic properties, you’re missing a lot in beauty regimen. Take a look at Best Banana Peel Benefits.

1. Banana Peel for Face

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While Bananas are often used in facials and hair care, its peel is no less in providing beauty benefits. Banana peel can brighten up the skin, reduce blemishes, acne scars as well as soften and hydrate dry skin. Gently rub the banana peel on the skin for about 3-4 minutes. Allow it o stay for two more minutes and rinse off with water to see brightened complexion.

2. Teeth Whitener

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Best Banana Peel Benefits include Teeth whitener. Banana Peel whitens teeth due to the citric acid that has potential to reduce the yellow stains. Rub the soft part (inner side) of the peel on the teeth for few minutes. Brush your teeth when you’re done. Repeat the step once a day for whiter looking teeth and to remove stains.

3. Treats Acne

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Tired of spending huge bucks on acne products? Try Banana peel for acne scars that is packed with anti-inflammatory properties that can calm the inflamed skin. Massage the banana peel on cleansed skin on the affected areas for 5 minutes. The antioxidants help fight germs that cause acne. Wait for 15 minutes and wash it off with cool water. Follow the acne treatment daily for couple of weeks.

4. Wrinkle Reducer

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Banana peels helps skin firming and reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. The lutein and rich antioxidants can condition your skin and delay ageing. Massage the inner portion of Banana peel on target area and leave for half-an hour or even overnight. Do this once daily to keep wrinkles at bay.

5. Combats Puffy Eyes

Apart from cucumbers and potatoes, Banana peels are also amazing natural remedy for tired, puffy eyes. It even helps get rid of dark circles. All you need to do is gently massage the peel over your eyes for 5 minutes to get that opened and bright eyes look.

6. Improves eye health

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As informed earlier, Banana peels are rich in polyphenols and carotenoids and other antioxidants that aid in lowering oxidative stress besides boosting nutritional sustenance to eyes. Clinical studies have proven that Lutein helps lower macular degeneration and cataracts risks, and protects from harmful UV rays

7. Pain Reliever

Banana peel uses also include pain reliever and it can heal bites by bugs. Pour few drops of coconut oil on banana peel and massage on the target areas gently. Wash it off after 30 minutes. It provides for instant relief from the pain and itching.

Now that you had a look on Best Banana Peel Benefits as well as beauty benefits of Banana peel, think well before throwing it in the bin. Also learn Health Benefits of Banana Peels in our upcoming post.

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