Acne Problems? Avoid these Pimple-Causing Foods

Acne Problems? Avoid these Pimple-Causing Foods

Do you know that certain foods high in sugars and fatty foods causes acne breakouts? The following foods trigger spikes in certain pimple-producing hormones and are associated with acne and other skin complexion problems. Here are our worst foods that cause acne breakouts. Read on..

1. Skim Milk

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A research study has found that those who consume milk twice daily were four times more prone to have acne compared to those who didn’t consume milk, as they pass into our blood stream and can affect insulin, cause inflammation, and ramp up oil production. Unexpectedly, skim milk might be worse than whole or low-fat milk to cause pimples.

2. Chips

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Potato chips come under refined Carbs packed with high glycemic index that causes inflammation and further leading to breakouts. High-GI foods are in fact the biggest culprit when it comes to acne-causing foods. Instead opt for some peanuts than potato chips.

3. Sugar

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You may have guessed it already, and yes sugar can cause breakouts. Though this doesn’t mean eating a cookie causes breakouts, it depends on how much sugar you’re eating in a day. May be consuming sodas and candy bars spikes up blood sugar levels, this can cause acne. Sugar is pro-inflammatory and can cause breakouts.

4. Bread

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If you have an acne-prone skin, stay away from baguettes, croissants and other such stuff that worsens the skin. To get rid of acne, you need to lower inflammation and try out the anti-inflammatory foods. Breads also have sugar, soybean oil, and dairy which are also linked to trigger the acne.

5. Salt

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Too much of salt consumption is not only bad for your health but is also bad to your skin. Salt can dehydrate your skin, leading to swelling and it makes it difficult for you to heal acne. If you wish to have a clearer skin, then prefer meals without salt or limited salted foods.

6. Alcohol

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Yet another reason to limit your alcohol intake. “Alcohol dehydrates your skin, highlighting wrinkles, and preventing your skin from healing, and failing to regenerate new cells,” say diet experts. Alcohol consumption leads to negative effect on vitamin A, B3, and C levels. Red wine however may be an exception and have numerous benefits for skin, especially anti-ageing properties. The key here is moderation.

7. Cheese

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All dairy products don’t harm your skin, but Cheese and Milk are the top foods that can trigger acne. Avoid cheese in your daily diet, if you have acne-prone skin. Substitute cheese, cream, and caramel with yoghurt or fresh milk, as the former cause negative effects leading to acne.

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