7 Cleansing Tips for Clean and Clear Face

7 Cleansing Tips for Clean and Clear Face

Dermatologists say Cleanse, cleanse and cleanse! for achieving clean, clear and glowing face. Deep cleansing tips and techniques can washes away the surface grime and sloughs dead skin cells, which puts you on path for blemish-free skin in no time.

Read on the 7 Quick Cleansing Tips for Healthy Skin…

1. Cleanse Face Twice a Day- Cleanse your face twice a day morning and night before hitting bed, no matter how late you are. Don’t neglect feeling you are clean, as they can be invisible impurities that may harm your skin with acne. Get rid of the dirt.

2. Say No to Bar Soaps-Opt for face cleansers and avoid the ordinary bar soaps that are quite harsh on your skin. Cleansers can be gentle and moisturizing.

3. Be Gentle with your Eyes-Cleanse the skin around your eyes gently and slightly massage them, as the skin around your eyes is the thin. Remove your eye makeup with a cleansing oil or eye makeup remover.

4. Don’t Dry Your Face with Hand Towels- Use a separate clean towels to pat dry your face, as used hand towels transfers bacteria onto your fresh, cleansed face and causes acne, blemishes and more.

5. Not too Hot, Not too Cold water- Don’t rinse your face with extremely cold or hot water, as it irritates your skin and causes damage. Go for lukewarm water either for your bath or cleansing your skin,

6. Exfoliate twice a week- Exfoliate twice a week to slough off the dead skin cells on the surface. It gives you a fresh, supple skin. Scrub off the blackheads, whiteheads and focus on the pores. However, don’t over use or under use the exfoliant as it may dry up the skin.

7. Go for a Facial- Invest in a facial in good beauty salons, and the type of facials depends on your skin type. Take the advice of your aesthetician to see what you need to your skin for the glow.

Follow these Cleansing tips, use toner and moisturizers, drink plenty of water, include fresh fruits and veggies in your daily diet and we are sure, you will be glowing in no time…

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