Skincare Mistakes You NEED To Stop Making Now

Skincare Mistakes You NEED To Stop Making Now

Women wish for glowing, clear, zit-free skin, but what if your skin is breaking out or not looking enough moisturized, even after sticking to a skin-care routine? It probably means that you may be making some skincare mistakes that could actually be sabotaging your skin and making you break out. Here are the top 6 Skin Care Mistakes you should stop doing now.

Mistake1: Using Harsh Cleansers on Sensitive Skin

Using harsh, abrasive products or tools can strip the skin of all the good oils, and can actually cause you to breakout. Harsh products on acne-prone skin or sensitive skin irritate your skin and make it harder for acne to clear and heal. Look for gentle faces washes with salicylic acid or ingredients like chamomile, green tea for protecting your acne-prone skin.

Mistake 2: Over Exfoliation or No-Exfoliation

Exfoliation is essential to get rid of dead cells and to enhance the texture and tone of your skin. Use exfoliators with glycolic acid, or gentle cleansing beads and stay away from aggressive scrubs that can lead to redness and irritation. Exfoliate twice a week, as over exfoliation may make your skin dry and flaky and cause irritation. Skin Experts advise exfoliating at nights, since the skin is in renewal mode in these times.

Mistake 3: Applying Products in Wrong Order

Get the maximum benefit of your expensive products by applying them in the right order. Start applying products from thinner consistency to the thicker and creamier ones, regardless of what their active ingredients are. Products with thick consistency can block the thinner consistency ones from penetrating in to the skin and doing their job. So, start off with toner, followed by serum, then an eye cream, face cream and finish it off with sunscreen.

Mistake 4: Squeezing the Pimples

Don’t try to use your own strategies to drain a pimple and ultimately end up popping and squeezing them, thereby making your skin worse. Squeezing a pimple causes infection by enlarging the pore, and leaving scars. Try washing your face with a clean washcloth and use an acne medication, such as a spot treatment creams. Don’t often touch them. To keep your skin acne-free, apply a thin layer of acne medication on the area where pimples tend to occur and not just on your pimple marks.

Mistake 5: Not Cleansing Face before hitting Bed

“Sleeping with dirt, oil, and makeup on causes acne and enlarged pores,” say Dermatologists. However late at night, clean your makeup with a good makeup-cleanse or face wipes, and follow it up with your night care routine-Cleanser , Toner, Eye-Cream and a Night Cream. Sleeping with makeup will cause wrinkles and make you look too aged.

Mistake 6: Giving it up too early

I’ve tried it all, and nothing works on my skin is one of the common excuses young adult women make. Remember it takes a product at least 8 weeks to witness the results. Give the products some time, and don’t incorporate a new product every two weeks or a week. Switching to too many products can cause inflammation, which accelerates fine lines and brown spots.

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