Summer Skin Problems you can Prevent

Summer Skin Problems you can Prevent

Summers can cause damage to your skin, and few of the common skin ailments seen during these couple of months include sun burned skin, Rashes, prickly heat, body odour, Hives and fungal infections. The harsh rays of the sun and harmful polluted gases cause skin and hair woes, and it gets further worse with the sweat, attracting the dust particles and other polluted elements.

Here are 5 Summer Skin Care Problems, and how to prevent/treat them…

1. Yeast Infection

Yeast infection, tinea versicolor is a superficial infection on skin, and it shows up as tan scaly patches on your back, chest and neck. When your skin is exposed to yeast, Tinea versicolor occurs. With more sweating come more favorable conditions for the yeast growth.

Fix It
The best preventative measure for Yeast infection is to stay clean, and rinse off after a sweaty day. Soaps with pyrithione zinc, such as Noble Formula can also prevent from yeast overgrowth. If the tinea versicolor is re-occurring then, talk to your dermatologist about the treatments.

2. Poison Rash

People often go to Hiking and camping during summers, and poison ivy or poison oak can hinder your usual outdoor activities. Contact dermatitis is what dermatologists refer to such issues. Poison ivy is the most famous of the “contact dermatidities”, and such outdoor plant exposure at times leads to rash or allergic reaction on the skin or itchiness, redness. In severe cases, it can cause blisters, hives or swelling.

Fix It
The best preventative measure for Poison Rashes is to be hyper aware of your surroundings in outdoors. Treat the poison ivy issues with over the counter hydrocortisone. However, consult your dermatologist or doctor if the rashes or blisters are severe.

3. Folliculitis

Don’t be lazy to change out of your workout clothes, as soon as you complete your workout session, since you could be at risk for developing folliculitis. And it’s even worse in summer months, as bacteria thrive in summer sweat conditions. They cause red bumps or pustules on shoulders, thighs and bottoms. They can be itchy and give burn sensation.

Fix It
Change out of your tight clothes after working out, and shower right after your yoga or fitness session. Hibiclens, an antibacterial cleanser can treat Folliculitis. In case of severe situations, contact your health practitioner for an oral antibacterial.

4. Heat Rashes

Summer weather condition is the prime time for heat rashes, as the perspiration is more, and it trapped under the skin due to clogged sweat ducts. The heat rashes look like itchy bumps or blisters and occur usually in places covered up in clothes.

Fix It
Usually, Heat Rashes disappear in few days. But the preventive measures include wearing light cotton garments that allow for perspiration to get evaporated. Opt for light-water or gel based creams rather than heavy ones that block the sweat ducts. Consult a doctor if the rashes turn severe in four days, as they may turn in to bacterial, fungal or viral infection.

5. Sun Tan

Constant exposure to sun in summers can lead to tanned skin, and it’s the common skin issue. Sun Tanning can result in redness of the skin, skin peeling and itching.

Fix It
Always use a sunscreen with high SPF. Intake of antioxidants and 1000mgs of Vitamin C can also help from the skin issues. Wear hats, sun glasses and light clothes. Go for homemade face packs to lift off the tan.

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