Why Should Pregnant Women Avoid Fast Foods?

nutrihealthline.com – Are you pregnant and craving for fast foods at this time? There are however harmful effects of giving in to these junk foods during the pregnancy period. It’s important to understand the consequences of fast food during pregnancy and ensure proper health to themselves and their children. The high fats, high sodium and the high sugary foods can lead to Obesity and other chronic health conditions that can be dangerous.

During pregnancy period, you and your baby are undergoing constant changes including your weight, blood sugar levels, blood pressure fluctuations, mood swings and food cravings.

Read on the effects of eating junk food during pregnancy

1. Salt from Mayonnaise and Sauces

The extra blob of mayonnaise can make your sandwich tastier, but then it contains enormous amounts of salt, which fluctuates blood pressure levels or lead to cause swollen feet due to water retention in your body.

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2. Whole Grains Absence

Whole grains are rich in fiber and a nutrient essential for energy, which aid in digest. Plus they are low in calories. Pizza base or doughnut claim havin whole fibre, but they do not, and indeed they can cause bouts of constipation.

3. Junk foods lack Nutrient Quotient

Fast foods have very limited vegetables or meat, and these major portions of junk foods include the fattening foods. This affects the nutrient intake of soon-to-be mothers and their babies.

4. Too much of sugar and fats

Pregnant women crave for nibbling chocolates or ice-creams at unearthly hours. High sugary foods can lead to irritation and mood swings, and it could escalate the Blood pressure or even include gestational diabetes as a chain reaction.

5. Increases ADHD risk in kids

Eating all the Fast foods packed with Fats, Sugars and Salt during Pregnancy could increase the ADHD Risk in kids. A research study has shown that mothers’ nutrition affects epigenetic changes (or DNA methylation) of IGF2, a gene involved in fetal development and brain development of kids. What you eat goes to the baby, and if pregnant women tend to eat lot of processed foods/junk foods, kids may later develop obesity and health disorders.

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How to stop craving for Junk foods

1. Clean your shelves

Get rid of all the junk foods, and fill your shelves with healthy snacks, preferably organic. Go for baked foods rather than the fried snacks. Eat homemade fresh foods without preservatives and additives.

2. Go for fresh fruits and nuts

Rather than snacking on munch bites or fries or chips, go for fresh fruits, dry fruits and nuts that will help you get the needed nutrients.

3. Make sensible choice

If you find hard to resist, then indulge in pizza, single slice or snack on a chocolate once in a while, but don’t go for it every other day.

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