Weight Gain During Pregnancy – How to make Healthy Gain

nutrihealthline.com – While a healthy weight gain is worth during pregnancy, packing on too much of excess pounds isn’t better. Gaining healthy weight should be part of your pregnancy, though you have worked for long and hard to stay fit and trim.

Of course, we don’t mean you to hog everything out there

Health experts recommend you put on weight gradually during pregnancy right from the second trimester. Gaining only too little or too much can pose danger.

Gaining too little weight during pregnancy

Pregnant women who gain too little weight during pregnancy are at the risk of delivering babies who are premature or small. Gynaecologists says the thinner the pregnancy women are, the greater may be the risk.

“Low pre-pregnancy weight and inadequate weight gain during pregnancy are dominant contributors to intrauterine growth retardation and low birth weight,” suggests a research study. However, a woman who is underweight during her initial month of pregnancy period and starts gradually putting on weight can improve the likelihood that she will have a full-term baby.

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Gaining too much weight during pregnancy

Women who are normal weight when they conceived but has put on excess pounds during pregnancy period may face few issues such as gestational diabetes, high blood pressure and even preeclampsia according to the Gynaecologists. The more excess weight gain you put on, the bigger can be your infant. “Larger babies are more difficult to deliver naturally, increasing the chances of a cesarean,” add obstetric consultants.

The most difficulties pregnant women face for putting up excess weight gain include the strain and pain, and a harder struggle shedding the weight postpartum. Pregnant women who are too heavy to begin with may face serious complications and further increase the risks of babies.

A research study conducted has reported that women weighing more than 175 pounds when they conceived were at two times the risk of delivering infants with neural tube defects.

Making healthy gain during pregnancy

The best way to make sure you have healthy and problem-free pregnancy is by ensuring to keep your total weight gain under check following the guidelines. If you are of normal healthy weight, you don’t have to stuff up more than usual during the first 12 weeks, as your fetus’s nutritional needs are minimal. And in your second and third trimesters, see that you gain gradually about half-a-pound to a pound per week on an average relying on your starting weight. Including 300 extra calories a day after the first 12 weeks can help you gain the needed weight.

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Women, who are starting with heavy weight, avoid dieting and go for a well-balanced diet in first trimester. From the second trimester, control your weight with well-balanced diet and by exercising moderately three to five times a week.

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