Super Foods for Healthy Twin Pregnancy

Super Foods for Healthy Twin Pregnancy

Pregnant with twins? You must be exhilarated as well as little scared and might be looking for tips to make your twins be healthy. Well, here are 7 Foods for healthy twin pregnancy that you must follow during these months.

The soon-to-be mothers need to change their lifestyle and diet as soon as they confirm the pregnant and the foods they consume plays key in nourishing the baby inside her womb. The healthier the mother’s diet, the healthier the twins will be. Here’s pregnancy diet plan to eliminate a lot of complications.

1. Nuts

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Packed with rich vitamins and omega-3 fatty acids, Nuts must be included in every woman’s pregnancy diet plan. They can provide enough nourishment and keep mothers alert and energetic, as well as play a role in babies’ growth. Almonds, sunflower seeds, pepitos (pumpkin seeds), and other nuts are rich sources of Vitamin E, iron, and magnesium and other nutrients.

2. Eggs

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Eggs contain number of nutrients like vitamins, proteins and minerals, thus benefitting women pregnant with twins. Apart from fat and good cholesterol content, eggs contain Vitamin B12, riboflavin, and other vitamins that can greatly benefit a twin pregnancy. However, don’t eat raw or undercooked eggs and also avoid foods that contain them.

3. Green Leafy Vegetables

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Green Leafy Vegetables are the best foods for everyone. If you’re on a search for tips for healthy twin pregnancy, try to include Leaf lettuce, baby salad greens, spinach, and kale that are rich sources of folic acid, an essential nutrient that helps protect protects babies against many birth defects. Leafy greens are rich in fiber and the nutrient aid growing babies.

4. Berries

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Rich source of antioxidants that aid in getting rid of “free radicals” in our bloodstream, berries are great addition to diet of twins baby pregnancy While Blackberries are high in manganese, Strawberries contain good amounts of Vitamin C and blueberries are packed with highest level of antioxidants. Add berries to your morning cereal or a smoothie or an evening snack.

5. Yoghurt

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Pregnant women with twins must consume yoghurt, rich in calcium and protein. Calcium is indeed essential for development of the babies’ bones, teeth and skeletal structure. However eat plain yoghurt and beware of products that are enhanced with sugar and fat.

6. Fish

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If you are not allergic to fish, then try to include at least two portions of fish a week, including oily fish. Being rich source of vitamin E, consuming fish can also benefit twin pregnancy. Foods rich in protein, such as lean, well-cooked meat, fish, eggs and pulses are best for pregnancy diet plan

7. Whole Grains

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Pregnant ladies need extra calories and to meet the increased calorie requirements, include refined grains, whole grains that are packed with fiber, vitamins and plant compounds. Add Oats and quinoa to daily diet.

So if you are pregnant with twins, shop and add these 7 Foods for healthy twin pregnancy during the course of pregnancy.

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